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"Online Doctor"

"Online Doctor"

24-hour medical online consultation service

"Online Doctor" (onlinedoctor.ru) - service of round-the-clock medical online consultations. The project belongs to LLC "Mobile Medical Technologies", the developer of services and projects in the field of health and telemedicine. The project cooperates with leading Russian medical organizations and the largest Russian and international insurance companies.

08.05.2018 06:22:27
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26.06.2018 09:50:12

Telemedicine will help diabetics

The program of medical support on the basis of the "Online Doctor" service for patients with type 1 diabetes
28.05.2018 11:11:17

Network of Travel Agents Coral Travel began selling products "Online Doctor"

The first telemedicine subscriptions for tourists
08.05.2018 06:27:46

Online hospitals and doctors

The network of medical laboratories "Gemotest" integrates with "Online Doctor"