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Women are interested in building a career in IT

Women are interested in building a career in IT

The number of women who want to work in IT is growing

According to DataArt statistics, in 2017, women sent a summary of various technological positions related to programming, 44% more than in 2016 and 65% more than in 2015.

The survey results are based on aggregated data from five countries, where DataArt has development centers: Argentina, Bulgaria, Poland, Ukraine and Russia. The survey covered 3,715 women who made the first step in choosing a vacancy in the company.

Data analysis shows that the greatest interest for women in the software industry is represented by quality Assurance and Quality Automation, which accounts for almost half of the total number of applications in the last three years. The second place is occupied by positions for which the basic requirement is knowledge of Java, followed by .NET and JavaScript.

According to DataArt, the smallest percentage of women candidates (less than 5%) showed interest in positions requiring development skills on Android, C ++ and iOS.

The growth of women's interest in IT is confirmed by the data of the portal Hh.ru: for the year the number of CVs of women applied to specialties in the IT sector has increased by more than a third. Now the portal registered about 70 thousand resumes, for the same period last year - about 45 thousand.

Lidia Perovskaya, tutor of the computer technology department at the ITMO University, one of the leading Russian universities in the field of information technology, associates the growth of the popularity of IT specialties among applicants and in particular girls with the development of this sphere as a whole: "It's nice that there are more and more software products and technologies that open IT education for an ever wider audience - such as games or machine learning technologies that are applicable in any interesting field. A large number of open software olympiads For a variety of levels of training participants can try their hand at becoming familiar with programming languages, algorithms and data structures, and a lot of open online resources for learning offer great and equal opportunities. "

"At the events with the entrants we always try to say that the profession of the programmer is great for the girls, telling the success stories of our students - the entrants are sure that they will be assessed by their knowledge and educational results, without unnecessary bias," the expert notes.

An important deterrent to the growth in the number of girls in IT remains the peculiarity of the training in the secondary school: "Girls are traditionally small in physics classes, because there is a perception that logical objects are complex for ladies. Therefore, less girls are handing out items that are specialized for the direction of computer science, "- says Elena Fedorova, HR Director of DataArt.

Throughout the world, including Russia, DataArt is involved in various technology communities that unite women and popularize the IT profession: Women Techmakers, Women Who Code, Coding Girls, Rails Girls, Media Chicas and others.

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