GEFCO signed a Memorandum with WILO RUS -

GEFCO signed a Memorandum with WILO RUS

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GEFCO signed a Memorandum with WILO RUS

The signing took place at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

The GEFCO Group, a global supplier of supply chain services for industrial enterprises and a European leader in automotive logistics, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with VILO Rus LLC. The signing took place at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in the presence of Luke Nadal, Chairman of the Board of the GEFCO Group, Jens Dallendoerfer, Director General of OOO VILO Rus, and Oleg Belozerov, General Director of JSC Russian Railways.

The signing of this agreement marks a new stage for GEFCO in working on innovative solutions that are one of the key priorities for the Group. Partnership with Wilo is in the near future joint work on introduction of modern logistics technologies, application of innovative integrated transport and logistics solutions in the field of product supply, identification of ways to further optimize technologies related to logistics routes and transport. In addition, the companies intend to develop solutions in the field of information technology, allowing to ensure coordination of the optimal terms of production of equipment, order of transport, delivery and customs clearance throughout the supply chain.

The development of GEFCO and Wilo will not be limited to the territory of the Russian Federation: the companies will work in the field of engineering, building and launching models for the organization of deliveries of finished products from the territory of the Russian Federation in the countries of Europe and the CIS. Finally, the partners will join efforts to develop solutions for direct transportation, shipments, forwarding, processing of payments for transportation, escorting cargo, providing services to a customs representative, designing and selecting information systems and ensuring their functioning, selecting carriers, negotiating tariffs, managing species transport.

"The signing of this agreement is an excellent example of the fact that we from year to year increase the number of customers and partners from a wide range of industries. Wilo - professionals of their craft, their innovative solutions are used in industry, and the products represent high quality. We always work with technology companies with great interest, because together we can develop really new, breakthrough solutions, "said Luc Nadal, Chairman of the Board of the GEFCO Group.

For Wilo, Russia is one of the most important markets around the world, and the group will especially stimulate digital transformation here in the coming years, focusing not only on the digitization of production, marketing and sales, but also on the digitization of logistics processes. "The agreement between the GEFCO Group and WILO RUS is another milestone in the implementation of the localization strategy for our company. This cooperation will allow us to further improve our service, which will meet the specific requirements of customers, "said Jens Dallendoerfer, Director General of OOO Vilo Rus.

The opening of a new plant in Moscow in June 2016 was not only a signal of the group's involvement in activities in Russia, but also throughout the region. "Wilo RUS is increasingly increasing its exports from Russia to the Eurasian Economic Union, as well as to other countries. Therefore, we need reliable partners, such as GEFCO, who offer innovative integrated transport and efficient logistics solutions, "- concluded Jens Dallendoerfer.

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