Customs escort of goods to the Russian Federation -

Customs escort of goods to the Russian Federation

Customs escort of goods to the Russian Federation

AsstrA notes the increased demand for services in the field of customs escort of goods

In 2017 AsstrA-Associated Traffic AG increased revenue in the sphere of customs clearance services by 25%, the number of issued declarations for goods grew by 47%.
The company's specialists issued 1500 declarations for goods: 1100 import, 450 export, 50 declarations for temporary import / export, re-import, re-export, processing on / outside the customs territory and other procedures. Export-import operations were carried out with 25 countries of the world. The leading destinations for the value of the goods being moved were the Netherlands (25%), Germany (15%), Italy (15%), China (12%), France (12%).
The leading positions in the commodity structure of exports were occupied by architectural and decorative products - 21%, household appliances - 14%, and food products - 5%. In the range of imported goods, the products of the construction industry prevailed - 32%, machinery - 28% and light industry-14%.
"On May 17, 2018 we signed the Charter of bona fide participants in foreign economic activity, as for the organizations that signed the Charter the process of customs clearance was simplified," says Anast Vasilian, the head of the customs department of the AsstrA group of companies. - The participants of the Charter undertake not to violate the customs legislation, and the FCS contributes to the creation of favorable business conditions that ensure the acceleration of trade in the import of goods into and out of Russia. Also, the term of customs clearance is reduced and the application of additional customs control measures is minimized. "
AsstrA provides customs clearance services in Russia, the Republic of Belarus, as well as in the countries of the European Union. On the territory of Russia, the group of companies has been operating since 2012 under the license of the customs representative No. 0476/00 of 29.06.2012. AsstrA specialists carry out customs clearance of goods in the following cities: Moscow, Smolensk, St. Petersburg, Bryansk, Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Novorossiysk, Bataysk, Sebezh, Zabaikalsk, Lipetsk, Krasnodar, Arkhangelsk, Ekaterinburg, Vorsino.
Also AsstrA offers services in customs clearance of complex technological equipment with obtaining in the Federal Customs Service a decision on the classification of goods. This service is necessary when the equipment is moved in disassembled or unassembled state in separate lots, possibly under different contracts, from different countries, with different countries of origin. At the same time, declaring takes place according to one HS code (in most cases, with 0% duty) for one product (equipment) supplied in disassembled or unassembled state.
The company's customs offices are open in the Russian Federation (St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk), in the Republic of Belarus (Minsk, Brest) in Poland (Bialystok, Kuznica, Koroschin), Germany Magdeburg) and Lithuania (Vilnius, Klaipeda city)

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