Network of Travel Agents Coral Travel began selling products "Online Doctor" -

Network of Travel Agents Coral Travel began selling products "Online Doctor"

Network of Travel Agents Coral Travel began selling products "Online Doctor"

The first telemedicine subscriptions for tourists

In the agencies of the Coral Travel Network, special programs of round-the-clock online consultations "Online Doctor Travel" became available to clients. Telemedicine subscriptions can be purchased as an independent product or an additional service for a tourist voucher. Managers of travel agencies independently connect the client to the program of telemedicine consultations for a period of 5 days to 1 year, the minimum cost of the package is 750 rubles.

The companies agreed to launch three programs of remote medical consultations. The basic package includes urgent online consultations of the on-call therapist and pediatrician in unlimited quantity, the Premium package allows in addition to unlimited consultations of the on-duty doctors to get online consultations of specialized specialists by appointment. "Family" gives access to online consultations of pediatricians and therapists on an unlimited number of three users within the same account.

"The summer is a season of holidays, the volume of applications of users traveling is growing.Customers need prompt access to a doctor's consultation regardless of the availability of a medical policy for travelers abroad.We see in practice that the doctor's support is highly relevant for tourists with children whose organism sometimes unpredictably responds to new conditions and an unusual diet, and it is important for many tourists to talk specifically with a Russian-speaking doctor, it is not always possible abroad, "says MMT Director General Denis Yudchits

With the help of the subscription the client gets access to an operative connection with the doctors of medical institutions in Moscow and St. Petersburg in a round-the-clock mode. Consultations are conducted through the browser or mobile applications on smartphones in the format of video, chat or call in Russian. The package is paid directly to the agency. After payment, the user is given a unique code to activate the corresponding program in the "Online Doctor" service.

Clients can remotely apply to health service doctors, including in cases not provided for by the health insurance policy for travelers abroad. According to the company MMT, the most frequent topics of treatment in the summer are sunburn and digestive system problems.

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