The transport industry of the Siberian regions digitize -

The transport industry of the Siberian regions digitize

The transport industry of the Siberian regions digitize

Memorandum on cooperation in the field of digitalization signed

The company-developer of "smart" solutions for the transport industry JSC "Group T-1" and Interregional Association "Siberian Agreement" signed a Memorandum on cooperation in the field of digitalization.
The goal of the cooperation, as noted in the document, is the creation of a single navigation and information space, as well as the implementation in the regions of tools to improve the level of road safety. Cooperation involves the exchange of experience, the creation of conditions for interregional transfer of innovative transport technologies, the collection of analytics, the implementation of activities to improve the quality of work in the transportation of passengers by public transport, road services, utilities, etc.

Alexander Kukanov, General Director of JSC "Group T-1": "Today's trend is simplification and transparency of business processes.We are working with the constituent entities of the Russian Federation to create efficient infrastructure transport solutions of the region.Digitalization of the transport sector for Russia is not so much a trend, how much the real need for changes aimed at reducing the number of victims of road accidents, reducing inefficient spending budgets of different levels and improving the quality of life and comfort of citizens in the th. "

From MA "Siberian Agreement" the signature under the document was put by the first deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee Gennady Guselnikov. "The search and implementation of best practices in solving social and economic problems in all sectors of the Siberian economy without exception are a key tool that can be successfully used only if the regions are integrated, systemic and synchronous." This condition can best be realized within the framework of interregional interaction .

The Interregional Association "Siberian Agreement" is continuously expanding its competencies in this direction, including by expanding partnerships with enterprises offering advanced solutions, "Gennadiy Guselnikov said.

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Gennady Guselnikov

First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee

Alexander Kukanov

General Director of JSC "Group T-1"

Siberian Agreement

Interregional Association of Economic Cooperation of the Subjects of the Russian Federation "Siberian Agreement"

Group T-1

Driving Safety Analysis Systems

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