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Miss Comus - 2018!

Miss Comus - 2018!

The main prize - the car went to Maria Dmitrievna Gerasimova

On Friday, June 1, the finale of the 10th Anniversary of the beauty and talent contest "Miss Comus - 2018" was held. Jewelry House Estet, where the festive event was held, turned into a ballroom for one evening, and finalists played the role of debutantes at the ball. Honorary title "Miss Comus - 2018" and the main prize - the car went to Maria Dmitrievna Gerasimova, the operator of the partner base of the Sales group "VIP Samara" RP "Samara".
Congratulations to Maria Gerasimov on receiving the main award of the jubilee contest!

As a result of voting, titles were distributed as follows:
"First Vice Miss Komus" - Olga Potemkina, sales representative for the attraction of SE "Hunters SB" RP "St. Petersburg"; "Second Vice-Miss Comus", "Miss Comus Novosibirsk" - Kuznetsova Anastasia Rodionovna, specialist in document circulation of the RP "Novosibirsk"; "Princess of the Ball", "Miss Comus Chelyabinsk" - Ksenia Krivova, Manager for work with partners of the state enterprise "Miass" of the RP "Chelyabinsk";
"Lady Perfection" - Stroilova Marina Y., operator on escorting the orders of the DSS of the Maintenance Department of 1 KC "Domodedovo"; "Queen of Waltz" - Isakova Marina Valeryevna, Corporate Sales Manager, Sales Unit, BR North-West SD Medical Products; "Beautiful stranger" - Yakovleva Maria Mikhailovna, Merchandising Manager OM Directions UPiA RS US DKRP; "Miss Talent" - Anastasia Chernositova, International Business Development Manager, Sales Group, "Services and Finance", "International Sales"; "Miss Photo", "Miss Comus Ryazan" - Nadezhda Shikhireva, accountant of the Customer Service Department of the Central Design Bureau; "Miss Internet", "Miss Comus Krasnodar" - Vasilenko Yulia, manager for work with partners of SE "VIP Krasnodar" RP "Krasnodar"; "Miss Creativity" - Rehviashvili Nana Avtandilovna, sales representative of the State Enterprise "Business Centers 3" of the CP "Yugo-Vostok"; "Miss Kreativ", "Miss Comus Volgograd" - Bumagina Darya Pavlovna, sales representative of SE "City of Volzhsky" RP "Volgograd"; "Miss Charm", "Miss Comus Tver" - Varankina Alyona Alekseevna, telemarketer GT OST CC "Tver"; "Miss Golden Voice", "Miss Comus Saratov" - Dumitrescu Kristina Alekseevna, seller-cashier of the shopping center "Volskaya" RP "Saratov"; "Miss Artistry", "Miss Comus Nizhny Novgorod" - Svetlana Gorshkova, sales representative of the TP "Sovietsky" RP "Nizhny Novgorod"; "Miss Tenderness", "Miss Comus Kazan" - Davletkulova Liliya Faritovna, database operator of the RP "Kazan"; "Miss Dobrota", "Miss Comus Tula" - Ekaterina Sukhanova, a specialist in tele-sales of the CC "Tula"; "Miss Smile" - Tsygankova Ekaterina, Head of the Group for the Support of Import Supply of the IPP SLP UCPR LC; "Ms. Originality", "Miss Comus Omsk" - Larina Marina Vladimirovna, a specialist in tele-sales for the medium-sized business of the Sales Group "Yug" of the RP "Omsk"; "Miss Elegance" - Dmina Pomnina, telemarketer of the TV sales group. Directions "Bottled water" of the DSP of the CSSD.


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The company "Komus" takes the leading position of the Russian market as an integrated supplier of business goods.

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