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Digital Rockstar course

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Digital Rockstar course

The XETEQ team launched the Digital Rockstar course, where marketers will learn programming

A modern digital specialist must be a Jedi, who practically manipulates huge amounts of data with the power of thought. Experts from MarTech company XETEQ decided to help marketers cope with this task and launched a course on programming "Digital Rockstar".
The authors of the course were XETEQ CEO Dmitry Rodin and CPO XETEQ Alexander Shvets, who have more than 20 years of experience in MarTech. Before that, Dmitry and Alexander were creating products that digital experts could communicate only through the interface, and any standard interface is always a limitation.
"Many times I have seen the torment of marketers when working with campaign data and analytics. Often, everyone uses huge spreadsheets with a standard set of functions. I did not draw the formula - an error. I got too much data - the computer hung. You can also use popular automation systems and in-house solutions. In this case, people often concentrate on the process, but not on solving the ultimate marketing problem, "says Alexander Shvets.
The basis for the developed course is a different approach. On an example of practical tasks from marketing students will learn to program in popular languages, such as Python or JavaScript. They will learn how to make automated data requests in advertising systems via API, get only the necessary data and in the required format. Separately, the course pays much attention to the methods of software processing of data and their visualization. It is also planned to study ways of automatic control of advertising.
"We decided to collect daily tasks of marketers and show how they can be solved with the help of programming, from the very basic level to the algorithms of machine learning. Of course, we will not bypass the theory, but there will be a lot of practice, including homework. All the problems can be solved with the help of programming and open source libraries, i.e. everything can be repeated in practice, "says Dmitry Rodin.
The partner of the course is Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions - cloud platform from Mail.Ru Group, which includes scalable virtual servers, object cloud storage, Kubernetes orchestration and free 24/7 support and servers in Russia.
The authors of the course hope that the available programming knowledge will break the barrier between marketing and developers, which will allow transforming the market and making it better.
The course will be held from September 11 to November 15. Each listener will be provided with a personal cloud server on which to practice. After the course, you can leave it to yourself. Organizers warn: listeners are waiting for a lot of practice and homework, which should be planned no less than the full time, which is 60 hours.
You can register for the course on the site -

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