Strategies for Road Safety of the Russian Federation 2018-2024 -

Strategies for Road Safety of the Russian Federation 2018-2024

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Strategies for Road Safety of the Russian Federation 2018-2024

Using the capabilities of ERA-GLONASS

The Main Directorate for Ensuring Road Safety of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia has published a plan for implementing the Road Safety Strategy for 2018-2024, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation.
Particular attention in the draft plan for implementing the Strategy has been given to the development of a system for providing assistance and rescue of victims as a result of road accidents, and in particular to the extensive use of the capabilities of GAIS "ERA-GLONASS" and its interaction with Sistema-112 and APC "Safe City" to solve the problem the operative determination of the place of an accident and the prompt departure to the scene of emergency services.
"ERA-GLONASS" is a socially significant federal project aimed at reducing the severity of the consequences of road traffic accidents and other accidents on the roads by reducing the time of transfer of information to emergency operational services and increasing the speed of first aid to the victims. This is achieved thanks to the capabilities of modern technologies: telecommunications, information, satellite (GLONASS / GPS).
For more than 2 years the "ERA-GLONASS" system has proved its effectiveness, helping to save the lives of victims in an accident. Time to bring information about the coordinates and circumstances of the incident to Sistema-112 today does not exceed 20 seconds. As a result, the time until the first aid is provided to the victims is reduced by 30% or more. According to GIBDD statistics, the number of deaths in accidents in 2017 decreased by 6.5% compared to 2016. The ERA-GLONASS system has made a significant contribution to the achievement of this result.
"The ERA-GLONASS system has a unique infrastructure. Firstly, ERA-GLONASS is built on the principle of a virtual operator, which means not only the maximum coverage, but also increased reliability. For example, if for some reason the cellular network of one of the operators in our country is not available for the accident site, the terminal will transmit information about the incident through the network of another operator, - comments Arkady Zaikin, acting. General Director of JSC "GLONASS". - Secondly, our system has a backup data channel - SMS. In poor communication conditions, when a voice call is not possible, information about the accident will be sent through the message. And thirdly, the ERA-GLONASS system is built with the highest "availability ratio" of 99,997 - practically military standards. All equipment, channels, service software is duplicated, and on the most responsible sites has a four-fold reservation. "
As of June 6, 2018, the "ERA-GLONASS" system accepted and processed over 1,059,400 emergency calls, of which 12,525 required the use of emergency response services, and 6,568 calls were received in automatic mode - in an accident with severe damage to the vehicle. All the victims were assisted.
The information resource of the ERA-GLONASS system has already registered more than 2 million vehicles equipped with devices for calling emergency operational services (data for 9.00 MSK 06.06.2018), by the end of the year, according to forecasts of JSC GLONASS this figure will exceed 3.5 million With full equipment of the Russian automobile fleet, the system will save more than 4000 people annually.
At present, the draft plan for the implementation of the Strategy for Road Safety for 2018-2024 is open for public discussion, then it will be sent for approval to the Government of the Russian Federation. With a full list of activities proposed by the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, everyone who can see on the official website of the State Traffic Inspectorate can familiarize themselves.

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