Frenchman wins 1 million euros a second time -

Frenchman wins 1 million euros a second time

Frenchman wins 1 million euros a second time

This is his second jackpot in less than two years

A man from South-East France won the country's "My Million" lottery for the second time in less than two years - a feat that, according to mathematicians, has a chance of one in 16 trillion.
The winner, who was not named, won his first 1 million euros in November 2016 and continued to play the lottery every week.
Last month, he won his second 1 million euros.
The seller from the newsagent in the Upper Savoy region, where the ticket was bought, said that the winner barely reacted and added: "I think he got used to winning"
The lucky one says that he intends to continue playing, the French media reported, trusting the old proverb that "things always come in threes."
Mathematicians, according to the newspaper Le Parisien, said that the chances of winning "My Million" were once about 19 million to one, and the lottery "Euromillions" 140 million to one.
Last month, an Australian man won a local lottery twice a week - each time he won more than $ 1 million.
The organizers of the lottery said that the odds of winning were once one at 1.845 million. "We do not know anyone who won twice a week," said Matt Hart, the spokesman for the New South Wales lottery to AFP.

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