Gold in the trunk -

Gold in the trunk

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Gold in the trunk

81 ingot in the trunk

More than 4 kg of metal bars of yellow color (supposedly made of gold) in the form of squares of different sizes were found by officials of the customs post MAPP Zabaikalsk of the Chita customs during the customs control of the car and luggage of a Russian citizen traveling from Russia to China together with several passengers. Detecting illegal cargo was possible thanks to the use of mobile inspection and inspection complex. The car scan revealed a characteristic cloudiness in the vehicle image. In total, 81 bars of yellow metal were found in the cargo compartment of the car.

The citizen of Russia, who owned the car, said that things in the trunk of the car, he did not belong. At the request of the citizens of China for the reward, he agreed to move the luggage and the citizens of China themselves to Manchuria (PRC).

At present, an investigation is being carried out on this fact, the discovered metal bars are sent for expert examination to the city of Novosibirsk.

07.06.2018 08:14:51

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