Trump criticizes "malicious" rumors about Melania -

Trump criticizes "malicious" rumors about Melania

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Trump criticizes "malicious" rumors about Melania

US President Donald Trump pounced on media reports about the rare public appearances of Melania Trump

"Fake news media were so unfair and malicious for my wife," he wrote on Twitter on Wednesday, rejecting proposals for a "facelift" or "abuse."
On Wednesday, Ms. Trump first appeared in the media for several weeks at a briefing of hurricanes with Mr. Trump. Last month she underwent surgery and was in the hospital for five days.
"She's doing very well," Mr. Trump said during a briefing at the headquarters of the Federal Emergency Management Agency to discuss preparations for the hurricane season.
"She went through a little difficult period, but she does an excellent job, and we are very proud of her," he told the members of the presidential cabinet. "The people of our country love you, so thank you, dear," he told her.
Mrs. Trump did not say when the journalists were in the room, and during their appearance wore a tawny coat.

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