Designer Kate Spade found a stitch -

Designer Kate Spade found a stitch

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Designer Kate Spade found a stitch

Kate Spade's husband is shocked: "This is an obvious suicide"

Andy Spade said: "she was happy" when he and their daughter talked with 55-year-old Kate the night before her death. "There were no signs and no warning that she would do it, it was a complete shock," he said.
"My daughter and I are devastated by her loss and do not even understand how to start living without her, we are deeply heartbroken and already miss her," Mr. Spade said in a statement published by the New York Times.
The couple, who were also business partners, have a teenage daughter, Francis Beatrix.
Mr. Spade said that he and his wife lived separately, "but a few blocks apart," during the past 10 months. Their daughter lived with both parents, and the couple saw each other or spoke every day. "We were not legally divorced and did not even discuss divorce," he continued. "We were best friends, trying to cope with our problems in the best possible way."
Mr. Spade said that the designer regularly visits a doctor and took medication for depression and anxiety. He dispelled rumors that she had problems with alcohol or in business life.
The New York City Police Department confirmed the death of Spade, Catherine Noel Brosnahan, on Tuesday. What were the circumstances of her death?
The police said the housekeeper of the designer found that she did not answer on Tuesday in her apartment on Park Avenue in Manhattan.
The chief of the New York police department, Dermot Shea, said that a note had been found at the scene of the crime, but Mr. Spade said that "I have not seen a single note."
How did Spade become a brand?
Spade, former editor of the fashion magazine Mademoiselle, created a sensation of fashion in the 1990s with her bag line and built an accessory empire that grew to hundreds of stores internationally.
She founded the Kate Spade Handbags Brand in 1993 with her partner Andy, whom she met while studying journalism at the University of Arizona, and another friend, Alice Arons.
The brand opened its first store in New York in 1996, with the stated goal of creating the perfect bag. His logo was a symbol of playing cards spades, and his bright and colorful patterned designs have become a distinctive feature of his products.

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