Trump's amazing question -

Trump's amazing question

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Trump's amazing question

Trump asks if Canada burned the White House, in a conversation with the Prime Minister

Canadians reacted with alarm to reports of US President Donald Trump that Canada burned the White House during a conversation with the country's leader Justin Trudeau.
British troops set fire to the presidential residence during the war of 1812 with the United States.

But at that time, Canada did not exist - it consisted of British colonies.

"Did not you burn the White House?" Mr. Trump asked on the phone with Mr. Trudeau when they were talking about new tariff issues.

It is unclear whether the comment was conceived as a joke, but CNN reports that it followed an exchange in which Mr. Trudeau asked how the US can justify tariffs as a "national security" issue.

Last week, the United States set tariffs for imports of steel and aluminum from its allies - the EU, Canada and Mexico.

"It's ridiculous to treat any trade with Canada as a threat to US national security," Trudeau said.

"Canada became a country in 1867. The war of 1812 began ... 1812", - wrote one Twitter user in response to reports.

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