DHL Express helps young designers -

DHL Express helps young designers

DHL Express helps young designers

DHL Express and "Russian Seasons" open up new opportunities for young Russian designers

DHL Express, the world leader in logistics and express delivery, and the festival of Russian culture in the design of "Russian Seasons" have announced the beginning of cooperation. Within the framework of partnership DHL Express will provide young designers - participants of virtual show-windows "Russian seasons", special conditions for express delivery of goods to 220 countries of the world. Attracting a reliable logistic partner will strengthen the positions of Russian designers in the international market and will contribute to the formation of their positive reputation among foreign buyers.

DHL Express actively supports the development of the fashion industry in Russia, helping manufacturers and retailers of designer clothes, fashion houses and designers to succeed and enter the international market, and since 2007 supports Fashion Week around the world as an official logistics partner.

"The new partnership with the" Russian Seasons "is a logical continuation of our cooperation with the fashion industry. For more than a decade, we have been delivering fashion and helping manufacturers and designers keep pace with the rapid global changes in consumer behavior. According to a study conducted by the Deutsche Post DHL group, by 2019 online purchases will be made by 58% of Internet users, and the market of cross-border online trade by 2020 will be 900 billion dollars. One of the fastest growing and highly profitable segments of e-commerce is fashion. We are deeply convinced that Russian designers, including young ones, are able to compete and take new positions in the global market, "said Anna Klinskova, vice president of sales and marketing for DHL Express in Russia.

"The mission of the" Russian Seasons "is to open new names and promote Russian producers to foreign markets. We implement this mission, relying on the help of our partners - the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Russian Export Center, the Central Department Store, the International Financial Group VTB, eBay and the world logistics leader - DHL Express. With the help of show-windows "Russian Seasons" we want to knock on every house all over the world and introduce foreign customers to the unique history of Russian fashion and design, develop an idea of ​​Russia as a country capable of creating a practical, beautiful and high-quality product for people from different countries " , - said the president of the festival "Russian Seasons" Daria Matsievskaya.

The festival "Russian Seasons" is held from 2015 with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia. The mission of the festival is the opening and support of new names, the promotion of Russian manufacturers of goods to foreign markets. Since 2016, the partner and main venue of the "Russian Seasons" is the Central Department Store. In 2018, showcases "Russian seasons" on eBay and Rakuten Global Market, which will allow buyers from the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan to buy goods of Russian manufacturers and designers, will open.

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DHL is one of the leaders in the Russian market of express delivery and logistics.

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