New IT solution gives access to fast and safe delivery -

New IT solution gives access to fast and safe delivery

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New IT solution gives access to fast and safe delivery

A new plug-in for bulletin boards in Russia has been developed

Boxberry delivery service together with Tamaranga and payment service Best2Pay has developed a new plug-in for bulletin boards in Russia using Tamaranga CMS. It provides users access to a simple and convenient delivery service with automatic cost calculation and a safe transaction. Since July the plugin will work on all bulletin boards.
The number of Russian users of bulletin boards is growing. This trend is connected with the crisis phenomena in the economy, which compel citizens to optimize expenditures. "In addition, this is a reflection of a new trend of conscious consumption, which has long appeared in the US and Europe," says Ekaterina Kiseleva, the head of the "Letters and Parcels" field of Boxberry. - Buyers satisfy their need for some product and, when the need for it is eliminated, put it on sale. However, the development of this trend in Russia is hampered by fraud on bulletin boards. The means of protection against it is a new plug-in, the implementation of which will promote the growth of trade between individuals in Russia. " The new solution allows to integrate into the basic functionality of the site the possibility of non-cash settlements between individuals. The security of the transaction is provided by Best2Pay and Boxberry: the money is received on the seller's card only after checking the contents of the parcel in the presence of the delivery service officer. At the same time, Best2Pay carries out p2p-transfers, in which money never falls on the accounts of legal entities and is protected by a banking license and international payment systems every second. "The service assumes a deep mutual integration of Best2Pay, the site and the payment gateway of the acquiring bank, within which transfers take place. Server capacity of the joint project allows you to process tens of thousands of transactions per day with SLA more than 99.999999% ", - adds Managing Director of Best2Pay Natalia Zhelkova. The new plugin is embedded in the administrative panel of bulletin boards using Tamaranga CMS version 2.4.1 and higher. He automatically calculates the tariff for the delivery of all categories of goods cost from 500 to 200 000 rubles. with a maximum parcel size of 120x80x50 cm. "At the end of June, all work on testing the plug-in will be completed. This means that, starting in July, more than 200 sites with ads, including small resources, will have access to a delivery service and a safe transaction. The ready-made solution will allow business owners, web studios and individual developers to run sites by the type of bulletin boards, saving time, money and not delving into the details of implementation. This is especially true for small regional projects, "said Angela Romanenko, product development manager at Tamaranga. In the future Tamaranga and Boxberry will consider the possibility of introducing smart contracts for business in the format of an additional, separate or expanding plug-in. Also in the plans is the promotion of the developed IT solution in other countries.

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