Holiday with needles -

Holiday with needles

Which tree to prefer - live or artificial?

Holiday with needles

Which Christmas tree is preferable from the point of view of ecology and family economy and what is offered to us on Christmas tree bazaars?
Uralians who wish to cut the Christmas tree “right under the spine” with their own hands, each year become smaller. According to the Department of Forestry of the Sverdlovsk Region, if in 2014, 18 thousand people contacted the forest districts of the Sverdlovsk Region for this, then in 2017 - 16 thousand. The fighters for the ecology are categorically against the living symbol of the New Year: they say that for two weeks of the holiday it is impossible to cut down a coniferous tree, it is better to buy an artificial one - enough for several years. By the way, as a result, it will be cheaper.
Opponents object: even if you buy one synthetic Christmas tree for five years, hundreds of thousands of products will be in landfills every year. Nobody is engaged in processing them, which means that a lot of metal trunks and plastic branches will litter the nature. Moreover, processing is also not harmless to the environment and requires a considerable amount of electricity. But this tree will serve after the New Year - for example, in the form of firewood or shavings. In addition, wood ash is not plastic, it can be a good fertilizer, said Alexander Kuklin, chief researcher at the Institute of Economics, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Yes, and not so expensive natural tree. For example, this year you can buy it almost at the price of a bus ticket - a tree with a height of up to one meter will cost 39 rubles. Two-meter costs 80 rubles, up to three meters - 119, well, and an adult spruce above four meters - 198 rubles. But this is if you enter into a contract for logging in one of the 30 Sverdlovsk forestries and come to the forest with an ax yourself.
"No one is engaged in processing artificial spruce trees, besides, it is environmentally friendly and requires a considerable amount of electricity"

There is no agiotage in the forest districts, although the demand for live Christmas trees is steady. In Sysert forestry, contracts for cutting down coniferous trees (mostly pines, each applicant is allowed to cut down no more than two pieces) are concluded from December 16, 70-100 people turn every day. The low price is dictated by the special status of the trees - this is the growth that will in any case be eliminated in places of fire breaks, under power lines, at roadsides in clearing areas. So the main item of expenditure of buyers is transport.
- An artificial Christmas tree is more durable and can pay off in several years, depending on its quality. So, based on the price of a living spruce about 500 rubles for 10 years, a high-quality artificial cost of 5000 will pay off. Imported products cost up to 30 thousand rubles, so they cannot afford it for most people. Domestic prices are cheaper, but their quality is lower and the lifespan is shorter, ”said Yulia Lavrikova, director of the Institute of Economics, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
The choice of artificial Christmas trees this year is huge, but the prices are really shocking. More or less a decent tree with a height of 180 centimeters costs about 8-10 thousand rubles. At first, and at second glance, nothing special: a steel trunk, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene ... The branches of elite specimens are entirely cast from rubber or silicone (the main advantage is that you can not only wipe with a rag, but also wash), and the price of a medium-sized tree can reach 57 thousand rubles. Moreover, of the additional "options" for such a super-toy, only LED flashlights built right into the branches. The question of the origin of the goods put the consultant at a standstill.

- This is definitely not China! They are American. Well, that is, the firm supplies from St. Petersburg, and the production in Thailand, the seller confusedly explained.
Obviously, the cost of such beauty is minimal, the main components of the price - shipping and storage. By the way, these same factors significantly increase the price of live Christmas trees. Recently, the local news portal told about a young entrepreneur from Yekaterinburg, who decided to open a business selling Christmas trees, but out of 300 elite firs he sold only six and was on the verge of bankruptcy. Fir trees brought to Russia from an Estonian nursery are very expensive - from 4.5 to 10 thousand rubles (the largest, 2.5 meters high - 16 thousand). According to experts, bringing conifers to the Urals is a really risky business idea; it’s like selling greenhouse vegetables from Tyumen in the Krasnodar Territory.

And what is trading on Christmas tree markets in Yekaterinburg? The price for live New Year's trees consists of a dozen names: spruce, pine, Nordman fir - from 500 rubles per linear meter, spruce, pine and even cedar bouquets (250-300 rubles, cedar - 500), there is even a bouquet with cones for 600 Fluffy and fragrant live fir about two meters high will cost 1250 rubles. All trees come from the Ural forests. According to Oleg Sandakov, Director of the Forestry Department of the Sverdlovsk Region, Christmas-tree bazaars provide products to 600 Sverdlovsk tenants. As a rule, they themselves are not engaged in the delivery and sale of trees, this is the business of intermediaries.

Source: Russian newspaper

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