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Talk to me, gadget?

When a person feels most lonely.

Talk to me, gadget?

It is enough to type in the search engine the word "loneliness", and its various interpretations literally fall on you. You will learn, for example, that this is a socio-psychological phenomenon, the emotional state of a person associated with the lack of close, positive emotional connections with people or with the fear of losing them. There is a “more human” interpretation: “Loneliness is eating away at our soul. This is a state in which a person feels his uselessness. He does not feel himself” ...
The famous writer Ilya Ehrenburg in his novel "Day Two" quotes Pasternak: "Silence, you are the best from all that I heard." Agree, the recognition is spectacular. And perhaps Ehrenburg, who not only wrote novels, but was a bright publicist, a regular contributor to topical articles in national newspapers, sometimes wanted peace and quiet. But plug your ears, "disconnect" completely from surrounding sounds ... You will be covered with such discomfort - not to convey.

Yes, noises keep us awake. Yes, the charter after hard work, we want all the same silence. But by no means isolation from the outside world. We can arbitrarily ironically talk about the elderly, who, sitting at the entrance, gossip about something else and their own. They just need to talk, chat, take a soul.
“Alcohol will not save you from loneliness. And soothing drugs are fraught with undesirable consequences”

I remember Aunt Asya, who lived almost all her life in Gorky (Nizhny Novgorod). Aunt Asya was a hospitable, sociable person. Friends, neighbors, relatives. On the health did not complain. And then the son and his family moved to Leningrad. And Aunt Asya was in St. Petersburg. New acquaintances to acquire was not easy. And she immediately began to hurt. Than? Her son Pavel, a doctor by profession, replied: "She has a longing." Aunt Asya herself told me that she got up early, hurried to the polyclinic and sat in long lines in different rooms for a long time. "Yes," she confessed, "the time of reception is indicated. But we are going there and talking."
Similar conversations even in our digital age take place in the same polyclinics. Yes, not only in them. By the way, the attributes of the century - mobile phones, tablets, the Internet, further wean us from the ability to communicate. It was somehow a very revealing video on the web: the grandmother invited her large family to visit - children, grandchildren. She covered a beautiful table. They all sat down, put food on the plates, and ... stumbled into their phones, disconnected into headphones. Grandmother was painful to watch. She wanted to communicate!
But maybe this is salvation from destructive loneliness? Maybe the figure will save from depression? Alas! The number of people who have fallen into it is not decreasing anywhere in the world. On the contrary, growing. And most importantly, it is - loneliness - dangerous to health. And experts are looking for opportunities to confront him.

Scientists at the University of California San Diego have identified three gaps of a person’s life in which he is most acutely aware of his loneliness. Experts analyzed the psychological state of participants aged from 27 to 101 years. Three types of questionnaires were used, which helped assess whether a person feels "abandoned". At the same time, scientists emphasize that such self-perception may not depend on a real social circle.

"It turned out: the feeling of loneliness is aggravated among the participants aged 27-30, 55-60, and also after 80 years.
27-30 years one of the critical periods for a person when the feeling of loneliness is exacerbated "

Researchers note that in the first age group, people tend to critically evaluate their chosen life path, comparing themselves with their peers. And thus "fenced off" from others. After 55 years, people are facing a serious deterioration in their health and feel isolated. After 80 years, loneliness can be caused by the loss of many loved ones and friends.

These are the findings of scientists. What to do? A lot of general advice: from Scandinavian walking, visiting fitness, dancing schools, etc. etc. up to the insistent recommendation: be optimistic. Easy to advise. It is difficult to be such in our time. One thing is obvious: alcohol will not save you from loneliness. And "soothing" drugs, experts warn, are fraught with undesirable consequences. But to talk, talk, cry an understanding person in a vest ... Talk to each other.

Source: Russian newspaper

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