How not to freeze on the road -

How not to freeze on the road

Emergencies Ministry recall the rules of safety in the cold.

How not to freeze on the road

The department told about the three stages of hypothermia: mild, moderate and severe. The first is characterized by general fatigue, weakness and drowsiness. A rare pulse can be observed - 60-66 beats per minute, blood pressure can be increased. In this case, the person experiences thirst and chills, the skin becomes pale, the appearance of so-called "goose bumps" is possible.

When hypothermia moderate movement in the joints sharply constrained, rare breathing, contractions of the heart become less frequent, the pulse is weak, blood pressure is reduced. The skin becomes pale and cold to the touch.
Severe hypothermia is accompanied by constriction of the pupils, weak or absent reaction to light. Sometimes there are convulsions of the limbs and rigor mortis.
"A person who suffers from hypothermia should not move vigorously and drink alcohol. It is not recommended to massage, rub with snow, woolen cloth, warm baths, apply a heating pad, do warming compresses, lubricate the skin with oils or fats," the EMERCOM notes.

They are advised to bring the victim to a warm room as quickly as possible, to change him into dry linen, to wrap him in a blanket. The temperature recovery of chilled tissues during frostbite of the extremities should be carried out according to the principle of gradual warming "from the inside - outwards". In anticipation of qualified medical assistance to the victim, if he is conscious, should be offered plenty of hot sweet drink and hot food.
The rescuers recommend carefully removing the shoes and clothing from frost-bitten limbs, so as not to injure the tissue again. Be sure to comply with bed rest and the elevated position of frostbitten limbs.

Well, what if in such cold weather a person was on the way and ended up in a stalled car? First of all, it is advised in the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the driver should as soon as possible report his problem by the number of emergency services "112". And in anticipation of rescuers to warm themselves and the car. All the more so, as practice shows, in the winter in frost, just two hours in a stalled car are enough to freeze.

“If you find yourself in a similar situation, you don’t need to panic. It’s very important to stay calm. First, warm yourself. It’s best to carry a spare jacket, sweater and warm shoes in your car. If you don’t have suitable clothes, use newspapers. Stick them under jacket and boots, "- they say in the MOE.
One of the ways to keep warm is to drink hot drinks. In this case, you should know: alcohol does not warm the person, the heat from it is a kind of illusion. In addition, under the influence of alcohol, you can lose control of the situation or fall asleep. Rescuers recommend carrying a thermos with hot tea, especially when traveling long distances.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations also advised to move as often as possible, to rub feet and hands to disperse blood through the body. The head should always be warm - this will allow the blood circulation to remain normal.

In the car you need to eliminate all drafts. Additionally, it is possible to insulate the car outside by throwing a snow shaft around the car to the level of the door sill. This will allow you to isolate the space under the bottom of the cold air from the outside.

As for the insulation of the car itself, the department advises to stick several layers of newspapers on the inside of the car. However, it must be borne in mind: a car insulated in this way is practically not ventilated.

If the driver has a candle, then you can use it to heat a stalled car. To this end, it is allowed to use several candles, but then it should be carefully monitored so that they do not become a source of fire inside the car.

Source: Russian newspaper

09.01.2019 09:02:18
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