Tax Free in Sochi -

Tax Free in Sochi

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Tax Free in Sochi

Sochi Customs has issued the first checks on the system of tax free

June 16, 2018 in the international sector "C" of the Sochi airport, officials of the customs post Sochi airport issued the first five tax-free checks to passengers departing in South Africa. The customs inspector checked the availability of new goods, checks, boarding passes, put the necessary notes on tax free checks.
To date, issued 12 checks tax free. Goods presented by passengers (clothes, shoes, watches) were purchased in stores connected to the tax free system. Since April 10, 2018 in Russia, a project is being implemented to compensate foreign individuals (not citizens of the EEA states) the amount of value-added tax for the export of goods outside the customs territory of the Eurasian Economic Union.
In Sochi, the implementation of this project involves the customs post Sochi Airport. After the registration for the flight, the foreign citizen must proceed according to the signs to the places of customs control indicated by the plates with the inscription "customs tax free control", located at the customs control posts.
The amount of purchase must be at least 10 thousand rubles. within one calendar day. Detailed information on the mechanism of the tax free system is placed on the information desks and information stands, a special memo for foreign citizens has been developed.

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