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Pick up the fastest parcel

Pick up the fastest parcel

Reduced the storage time of international mail

The Yamalo-Nenets customs office informs citizens who purchase goods in foreign countries via the Internet, as well as receiving parcels from foreign countries, about changing the terms of storage of international mail in post offices located at the place of registration of the recipient.
So, the period of storage of all international postal items from June 1, 2018 is 15 calendar days. Changes do not apply to written correspondence, which includes international small packages, they are still stored for 30 calendar days.
Due to changes in the storage of parcels, recipients of international postal items, it is necessary to timely carry out customs declaration of goods coming to their address.

19.06.2018 09:43:50
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FCS of Russia

Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation

13.09.2018 12:26:15

Dead rat in the soup

In a Chinese restaurant, a pregnant woman almost ate a rat
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The world's largest exporter of dairy products bears the first annual losses

The New Zealand company Fonterra for the first time incurred annual losses due to rising costs and large non-recurring expenses
13.09.2018 07:43:19

Who killed the biggest birds in the world?

Prehistoric people are suspected of destroying the largest birds that ever lived
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In India, a tiger-eater appeared

The Supreme Court of India rejected an appeal for the rescue of an ogre
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DHL Express was the first to launch an online payment service

DHL Express in Russia launched an online payment service for express delivery services