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Big little lie

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Big little lie

How the color of the skin cost Lenny Kravica starring in Big Little Lies

Rock star Lenny Kravitz says that he lost a role in the TV show Big Little Lies, because the Producers felt uneasy about the black actor playing the villain. The star "had to play one of the husbands" in a drama that revolves around three emotionally troubled women in suburban California.
"Big little lie" was one of the most critical dramas of 2017 with the participation of all the stars, including Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Laura Dern.
If I got the part, Kravitz would be the "only black man on the show," he told the BBC.
"So it did not happen," - added Kravitz. "The director [Jean-Marc Valle] said:" I so want you to play this role, but we will work together some other time. ""
Kravitz refused to say what role he was supposed to play ("I can not say"), but it looks like he was referring to Perry Wright, who apparently exposed his wife Celeste to brutal beatings and psychological torture throughout the HBO series.
The role in the end went to Alexander Skarsgard, who received both Emmy and Golden Globe for his role.
The BBC contacted HBO to get answers about Kravitz's story, but it was said that "Producers are busy with the second season of Big Little Lies and are not available for comment."

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