Sabotage in Tesla -

Sabotage in Tesla

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Sabotage in Tesla

Head of Tesla Ilon Mask accuses the employee of sabotage

Tesla CEO Ilon Mask accused the employee of carrying out "extensive and destructive sabotage" from the manufacturer of electric vehicles.
In an e-mail to employees, Mr. Musk said that an unnamed employee made undefined changes in the coding of his production operating system and sent confidential data to unnamed third parties.
The company did not give comments and the statements were not checked.
This issue will be investigated, Mr. Mask said.
"The full scope of his actions has not yet been clarified, but what he acknowledged is pretty bad," he said in an e-mail. "He said that he wanted an increase, which he did not receive."
"As you know, there is a long list of organizations that want Tesla to die," he added, referring to Wall Street sellers, oil companies and competing automakers.
"Extremely unusual"
In a separate letter to the staff, Mr. Mask said that on Sunday a small fire occurred at the Tesla plant. He was quickly extinguished and did not cause any injuries or significant damage, he added. The fire at the plant followed a video posted on Twitter by American actress Mary McCormack about a fire in a Tesla car, run by her husband, British director Michael Morris in Los Angeles.
Tesla said that the fire in the car was "extremely unusual phenomenon."
Last week, Mr. Mask said that 9% of Tesla's workforce would be cut as part of the restructuring of the automaker, which has not received annual profits since its creation nearly 15 years ago.

Tesla reported a record quarterly loss of almost $ 710 million in the first three months of the year.

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