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eBay and DHL expand the capabilities of Russian exporters

eBay and DHL Express announce the beginning of cooperation aimed at supporting the export of Russian goods and the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the field of e-commerce. The Russian eBay site is the first market for a company that will launch logistics integration for export sellers, and DHL Express will be the first option for international express delivery of goods within the framework of integration.
Full access to information and services DHL Express exporters will receive from the seller's office on the site, a special service for exporters from Russia and Eastern Europe. The service allows you to place goods in just a few minutes at 8 eBay sites in different countries. All product information is automatically translated into 10 languages, and prices are displayed in local currency.
In a single office sellers will be able to automatically calculate the cost of delivery to anywhere in the world, as well as quickly register the dispatch, call the courier and complete the necessary package of documents. After that, they will only have to be printed and handed to the courier picking up the cargo. In addition, customers will be able to track their orders through the tracking number on their eBay website. Partnership with DHL Express will allow Russian sellers working on eBay to deliver goods to customers in 220 countries as soon as possible: 1-2 days to Europe, 2-3 days to the USA, China and Australia.
Over the past year, about 20% of exporting sellers [1] at least once used the express delivery option on the eBay site and 11% use express delivery regularly. For Russia, these figures are 17% and 10% respectively. At the same time, as DHL Express research shows, the introduction of express delivery option allows to increase the average cost of a check to 70%.
"As a world leader in logistics and express delivery, we have extensive expertise and unique tools that are necessary for entrepreneurs seeking to enter international markets. We are glad that thanks to the partnership with eBay we will be able to provide access to our services to sellers of one of the largest international trading platforms and ensure fast and reliable delivery of Russian goods to customers all over the world. Express delivery from DHL together in innovative solutions for international e-commerce will allow Russian entrepreneurs to serve their overseas customers as well as if they had their own representative offices around the world, "the vice president of sales and marketing of DHL commented on the beginning of cooperation with eBay. Express in Russia Anna Klinskova.
"Logistics is traditionally a stumbling block for exporters. In recent years, our team has made a lot of efforts to help Russian sellers easier and faster to enter foreign markets. Thanks to the joint work with DHL Express, the Russian eBay office implemented the first integration of a logistics provider on the platform of our marketplace. A simplified procedure for processing and sending goods abroad will allow our sellers to offer the best service to foreign buyers, which means that they will receive more new orders and develop their business on our site. Such partnerships are strategic for the development of Russian exports, we estimate its growth potential dozens of times, "said Ilya Kretov, CEO of eBay in Russia and Emerging Europe.
[1] Of the total number of exporters from the region, Russia and the emerging markets of Europe

19.06.2018 11:44:24
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One of the world's largest trading platforms


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