Again these tariffs -

Again these tariffs

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Again these tariffs

The EU will launch counter tariffs on Friday

The European Union will launch a set of response tariffs against US exports on Friday, a senior official said.
This response takes place after US President Donald Trump introduced large duties on steel and aluminum in May.
American exports, such as blue jeans, motorcycles and bourbon whiskey, will be aimed at introducing tariffs, confirmed Commerce Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom.
However, she stated that "we did not want to be in that position."
"The unilateral and unreasonable decision of the US to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum for the EU means that we have no other choice," she said.
Brussels made a list of products in March, when Mr. Trump initially offered 25% tariffs for steel imports and 10% for aluminum, which are also targeted to Canada, Mexico and other close allies of the United States.
Cranberries, orange juice, corn and peanut butter are also on the list among other targeted products.
This is taking place against the backdrop of the growing struggle for trade between the US and its partners.
On Tuesday, Mr. Trump threatened to impose duties on an additional 200 billion dollars. US (£ 151 billion) of Chinese goods after they received 50 billion dollars. USA for products with tariffs.
He said that 10% tariffs will come into force if China "refuses to change its practice."
However, China accused the US of "blackmail" and said that it would "resolutely resist", causing fears of a full-scale trade war.

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