In the country - at home -

In the country - at home

Near the garden villages can build roads and kindergartens.

In the country - at home

Within the borders of horticultural and gardening partnerships, new kindergartens, ambulance stations, roads, engineering networks and other socially significant objects may appear.
The Russian government gave a positive review of the bill prepared by member of the Federation Council Andrei Kutepov and a group of State Duma deputies. The document proposes to give regional and municipal authorities the authority to finance the construction of engineering, transport and social infrastructure within the borders of horticulture or horticulture. True, the authors of the legislative initiative will have to refine it a bit.
What is the problem? The current law gives regional and local authorities the right to organize, within the borders of horticultural or gardening partnerships, the supply of heat and electricity, water, gas, and fuel. But it does not allow to build any social objects inside the holiday villages.

Simply put, local authorities can lay a water supply system to the borders of the territory of the gardening non-profit partnership (SNT), but not through the streets of the partnership.
After all, the territory of SNT either belongs to the partnership itself as a legal entity, or is in the common share ownership of its members, and some sections again belong either to the partnership or are privatized by those to whom they were allocated.

This raises a question that has yet to be answered. Even if you give regional and local authorities the authority to allocate money for the construction of social facilities, on whose balance will such assets then come up and who will exploit them? Sami summer residents?

Yes, they sometimes creak membership fees for garbage collection and snow removal are collected. Therefore, in its response to the bill, the government notes that it has not yet spelled out a clear mechanism for financing the construction of social facilities and does not indicate the form of ownership of these objects.

As for financing issues, in St. Petersburg, for example, the issue is resolved through the subsidy mechanism.
The state subsidy is provided to the SNT itself in the form of reimbursement of part of the costs for the contractor’s work. First, the horticultural or gardening partnership should decide on the construction of infrastructure on co-financing terms, then contact the grant issuing authority, successfully pass a competitive selection process, collect its funds and start construction. And after the completion of construction to receive a refund.

Competitive selection is carried out on the basis of regional programs for the development of horticulture and various regional programs for the social support of citizens in the region. They specify the selection criteria. "If the declared money is enough for all the necessary projects in the CNT, then only the completeness of the documents is assessed, if the amount of money is limited, then the most expedient or the one that the citizens need are chosen."

Regional and municipal authorities are interested in arranging dacha territories. "Now there is allowed the construction of residential houses and registration in them. Accordingly, this is property and additional tax revenues to local budgets. But people will move to live permanently only where all important infrastructure is within walking distance. Therefore, the holiday villages will develop more actively the more opportunities for the development of infrastructure of the CNT will be obtained by local authorities. "

Source: Russian newspaper

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