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Language brought

In a half-step from defeat, the current president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko spoke in Russian.

Language brought

As part of the ongoing election campaign in Ukraine, current president Petro Poroshenko suddenly remembered that his native language is Russian. Made in cramped circumstances, the recognition is unlikely to help collect votes in the south and east of the country, where the overwhelming majority of residents do not actively accept Poroshenko. On the other hand, his main competitor, Vladimir Zelensky, is about the same time flirting with voters in western Ukraine. But, unlike Poroshenko, he has a significant handicap - more than 20 percent of the vote. And this is the situation when Ukrainian sociologists do not lie.
“We must save Ukraine, no one will impinge on your right to speak Russian. I myself am Russian-speaking, and I have said many times that it’s absolutely natural for me to speak Russian,” Poroshenko addressed voters in the south and east of the country on the TV channel ICTV, owned by oligarch Viktor Pinchuk.
The fact that Poroshenko outside the framework of publicity and in the family circle speaks exclusively in Russian, has never been a secret, which is a lot of objective evidence. But the image of the main Ukrainian nationalist and fighter against the “Russian aggression”, which he had been building for five years, is so dissonant with this statement that it cannot be explained by any other reason than despair. You can compile a brochure from Poroshenko’s statements about the primacy and enduring greatness of “movi”, but the best illustration of his Pharisaism will be another trick of Vladimir Vyatrovich, director of the Institute of National Remembrance patronized by the president, who announced several hours before going on to the next stage of “national construction” from decommunization to complete de-Russification.

And the more so under the president Poroshenko, the scandalous Lviv Nazi woman Irina Fahrion will not be isolated from society, once again - just in time for the president’s airwaves, who declared all native Russian speakers "slaves." And the law on total Ukrainization, imposing fines for using the Russian language even in everyday life and supported by the presidential faction in the Verkhovna Rada, is still undergoing a second reading and has not been removed from consideration.
It is possible that after the revolt of the Odessa region governor Maxim Stepanov, who was appointed to this position in January 2017 (the heads of regional state administrations - governors - in Ukraine are appointed by presidential decree), he was forced to turn fat before the south and east of Poroshenko. He refused to resign under the decree of Poroshenko and even accused him of voluntarism: "The decree is a very amazing document, which, in my opinion and opinion of all lawyers, and even a student who studies as a lawyer, has nothing to do with the legislation of Ukraine. He above the powers of the president recorded in the Constitution, "Stepanov commented on his unsuccessful de facto resignation. Moreover, he made it clear that the president’s anger caused his refusal to create a so-called grid - a system of paying off voters for Poroshenko.
The governor's front in a strategic region is a scandal that has not happened in Ukraine for a long time: the last time the governors allowed themselves to publicly demonstrate their disregard for the president only under Yushchenko, the most unwitting and distant president of Ukraine. And this is a signal not only Poroshenko, but also the entire administrative vertical, which, as it seems to him, he still controls. Along the way, it turned out that Stepanov had not been associated with Igor Kolomoisky for the first decade, and this demarche can be viewed as an oligarch's delayed cold revenge for humiliation, experienced in March 2015, when Poroshenko, with the support of the US embassy, dismissed him live as governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region. Stepanov set a trend that mayors, governors, judges, security officials, local deputies doubt Poroshenko’s inevitable victory. So in the Verkhovna Rada, the conditional group “For Zelensky” is already being assembled, in which members of the Bloc Petro Poroshenko faction anonymously book a quota, not to mention other factions and groups.

Poroshenko’s crushing defeat in the second round is expected by sociologists.

Source: Russian newspaper

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