Work for pensioners is not easy -

Work for pensioners is not easy

Work for pensioners is not easy

Salaries for people of retirement age in Russia are 15-20% lower than in young people

Worki compared the number of job seekers of retirement age and the number of vacancies that employers specifically offer for such people. In total, about 15 thousand resumes of people of retirement age, established for today (women from 55 years and men from 60 years old) are placed in the service. At the same time, there are only about 200 active vacancies, which are called pensioners (about 590 vacancies have been created over the past six months marked "for pensioners"). Altogether, more than 135 thousand vacancies are located in the Worki from 90 thousand employers in all the cities with over a million population in Russia.
"It is forbidden to indicate age restrictions when hiring. This is discrimination. At the same time, many companies have a public or private age qualification: many believe that a person of age may be less active, he is less familiar with new technologies, more often sick, "says Pavel Guzhikov, founder and CEO of the Worki service. - On the other hand, some employers deliberately place advertisements in the service marked "for pensioners." However, as we see, such vacancies are several times less than for students to whom the service employers offer about 6 thousand vacancies. "
The average salary that service employers are willing to pay to retirement age applicants is generally lower than the market average. On average in Russia in cities with a million population, it is about 24 thousand rubles, in Moscow and St. Petersburg, about 28 thousand rubles. "Often employers invite people aged in those positions that do not require daily serious efforts and for which they are not willing to pay much. Or another option: the company has a small salary fund, and it deliberately indicates in the job announcement that retirees can claim it, knowing that it is not easy for older people to find work and they are ready to go to work for salaries below market ones, "comments Pavel Guzhikov. "As a rule, salaries in such vacancies for pensioners are 15-20% lower than the average for the market."
Another pension reform and raising the retirement age cause a negative reaction in society. Recently, more than a million people signed the petition to cancel the increase in the retirement age in Russia at At the same time, supporters of innovation say that the problem is largely contrived and people aged 55-60 years are quite active today and do not want to retire themselves.
"The old pension system, which involves the retirement of women aged 55 and men from the age of 60, was created back in the early 20th century. Life expectancy in Russia is growing, and people at this age are really active today and want to work, - says Pavel Guzhikov. - However, whether the attitude of employers to the situation will change, it is not yet clear. Nevertheless, raising the retirement age in Russia today is such a resonant issue that it is quite possible that the government and the president will meet future pensioners and adopt a milder version of the reform: the retirement age is likely to be increased, but not as dramatically as the government suggests today " .
TOP-10 vacancies, which are most popular among applicants of retirement age:
guard - 27.1% concierge - 10.3% manager - 6.0% commandant - 1.9% chief engineer - 1.5% elevator operator - 0.9% head of the site - 0.8% sister-hostess - 0, 8% technical expert - 0,7%

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