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"I really do not care, but to you?"

"I really do not care, but to you?"

A new scandal with the First Lady

The first Lady Melania Trump was criticized for choosing her jacket, which she wore while traveling to the detention center for migrant children in Texas.
Mrs. Trump was seen wearing a jacket with a graffiti on her back with the words "I really do not care, and you?" When she boarded the plane.
Her spokeswoman said that "there was no hidden message" when choosing the jacket of this model. Jacket $ 39 (£ 29) from Zara caused a lot of noise in social networks.
US President Donald Trump later wrote on Twitter that his wife's jacket "refers to false news media." A few hours after the photo of her departure became mass, she again put on her jacket to land from an airplane on the Air Force base outside of Washington.
She ignored the journalists' questions when she joined the presidential cortege.
A spokeswoman for Mrs. Trump Stephanie Grisham criticized the American media on Twitter for focusing on fashion. Ms. Trump was not seen in the jacket when she first arrived in Texas, but was again in it when she returned to Washington.

22.06.2018 08:38:08
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13.09.2018 12:26:15

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