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Egypt decided to file a judicial protest after the defeat with Russia

Egypt intends to file an official protest by FIFA over the referee's speech during the 3-1 defeat in St. Petersburg on Tuesday.
Paraguayan Enrique Caceres is the person in question.
"We want to conduct an investigation in the performance of the entire judging team," said the president of the Egyptian Football Association Hani Abo Reed.
Abo Reed, who is also a member of the FIFA Council, said that Egypt felt that Ahmed Fathi was pushed back in the attempt to score the ball in the second half in the second half and sent him into his own net and gave Russia an advantage. He also said that in the 78th minute, when striker Marwan Mohsen, in which the defender of Russia Ilya Kutepov was involved, there should have been a pinalet.
"The judge had to use the VAR (video assistant referee system) to check and award a fine, they also had to see that the Fatah were pushed," added Abo Reed.
"This is our right to complain and ask for an investigation," he said.
Egypt suffered a second defeat in the tournament and early elimination in its first appearance at the World Championships since 1990.
They play their final game of Group A against Saudi Arabia in a competition between two retired teams in Volgograd on Monday.
"I know that people in Egypt are unhappy with our results, but this is our first tournament in 28. We lacked experience," said Abo Reed.

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