Telemedicine will help diabetics -

Telemedicine will help diabetics

Telemedicine will help diabetics

The program of medical support on the basis of the "Online Doctor" service for patients with type 1 diabetes

The project to support patients with type 1 diabetes with an already diagnosed diagnosis includes support for the use of high-tech medical devices and telemedicine consultations of endocrinologists. Within the framework of the online doctor's endocrinology program, certified for pump insulin therapy and continuous monitoring of blood glucose in accredited training centers based on HMOs, will provide counseling for adults and children with diabetes on dosage and adjustment of medical device settings.
The program includes an unlimited number of round-the-clock consultations of therapists and pediatricians, and consultation of endocrinologists on a schedule. The cost of the program for 6 months is 12 thousand rubles. You can buy it on the site of the "Online Doctor" service, as well as in specialized retail networks in combination with an insulin pump or separately. The price of an insulin pump in retail stores is from 77 thousand rubles.
"We have included endocrinologists who have extensive experience in accompanying patients on pump insulin therapy, who have special certification, including a children's doctor. This is one of our most large-scale highly specialized telemedicine programs, "says MMT Director General Denis Yudchits.
In Russia, according to official figures, at the end of 2017, there were about 4.7 million diabetics, of whom 340 thousand were of the same type. In total, there are 425 million people in the world who have this disease. The prevalence of death from diabetes is the third most common after cardiovascular and oncological diseases, the number of cases increases by 2-5% annually.
Most insulin-dependent patients use the traditional form of therapy - multiple daily injections using a syringe-pen. The insulin pump makes it possible to provide continuous subcutaneous administration of insulin and maintain the level of glycemia within the norm. Clinical studies have shown that achieving steady compensation of carbohydrate metabolism leads to prevention and a significant slowdown in the development of late complications.
Advantages of using an insulin pump with the function of continuous monitoring of glucose are a reduction in the number of injections - up to once in three days, a reduction in complications, the possibility of constant monitoring of the patient's condition with the help of firmware and the availability of settings for accurate dosage calculations.
One of the reasons why the distribution of pump insulin therapy is difficult in Russia is the lack of qualified endocrinology doctors who have the competence to install and support insulin dependent patients, the territorial remoteness of patients' accommodation from large regional medical institutions, the limited budgets of municipal health facilities. And so on. .
In the world, insulin pumps are used widely, they are installed in 80% of children with diabetes in the US and 70% of children in Europe. For children with diabetes, mobility is most important and there is no need to regularly inject, and also in children insulin pumps help to compensate for the level of glycemia and the course of diabetes. As a result, the likelihood of complications is reduced. In Russia, pumping insulin therapy has so far not been used in more than 10% of patients with type 1 diabetes.
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Where to buy the software? on the site of the "Online Doctor" service, as well as in specialized retail networks "Diaczek" (, "Diagnostics "( and others.
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