The furious Russian kiss -

The furious Russian kiss

The furious Russian kiss

The reporter is shocked by the fact that they tried to kiss her on the camera, without asking about it

Brazilian sports reporter Julia Guimaraes fought off a man who tried to kiss her when she was direct reporting from the World Cup in Russia.
Julia Guimaraes was in Yekaterinburg on Sunday at the match Japan-Senegal, when a man approached her and tried to kiss her while she was on the air.
She dodged a kiss and told him never to behave like this to a woman.
Last week, a Colombian reporter in Moscow was on air. "Do not do this!" Never do it again, "cried Ms. Guimaraes to a man who was heard on the video with apologies.
"Do not do this, I will not let you do this, never, okay? It's not polite, it's wrong.
"Never do this to a woman, okay?
Journalist TV Globo and SportTV wrote on Twitter that it never happened to her in Brazil, but that it happened twice with her in Russia.
She told Globo Esporte that the incident was "terrible" and made her feel "helpless and vulnerable".
"This time I answered, but it's sad that people do not understand why people think they have the right to do this?" She said that she was persecuted during the first World Cup match between Russia and Egypt in Moscow.
In March, Brazilian women sports journalists told about sexual harassment, which they undergo in the course of their work.
They launched a campaign demonstrating cases of kisses and feelings by fans and sportsmen during broadcast programs, which they called #DeixaElaTrabalhar ("Let it work").
Ms. Guimaraes told Globo Esporte that there are a lot of harassment in Brazil, although this has not happened to her in her native country.

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