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Speaker Sergey Leonov

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Speaker Sergey Leonov

The conference "Management of the store - 2018" will be held on August 22-23-24, 2018 in Moscow

How should regional retailers resist federal retail chains?
This will be told by the development director of the managing company "Alliance" Sergei Leonov in his report at the All-Russia practical conference "Management of the store-2018", which will be held in Moscow on August 22-24.
In the report:
- regional associations of retailers to resist networks, - how to win in procurement and selection of assortment, - how to reduce costs to conserve resources, - increase sales through working with assortment, - how to get competitive prices, - cases of regional retailers.
About the speaker: Sergey Leonov .Director on development of the managing company "Alliance" More than 15 years in retail trade. Practice: in Mosmart, Taste Point, SOOR Russia, Tesco UK. Education: EMBA OUBS. He teaches at the SKOLKOVO Business School, entrepreneurship: "Point Vkucha" (a network of stores "at home"), Retail in Detail (a consulting group of experts in the retail industry).
The "Shop Management" conference takes place annually and gathers owners and directors of small and medium-sized stores and retail chains from all over Russia and CIS countries. Three days. More than 20 reports from leading experts in the field of retail sales management: Timur Aslanov, Albert Tyutin, Sergei Dubovik, Inga Orlova, Anna Bocharova, Elena Zhdanova, Gulfira Krok, Arthur Salyakaev and others. Analysis of fresh cases. Applied materials and step-by-step techniques.
And very important part of the conference: networking-session - a special event, the purpose of which is to familiarize all participants with each other on a special technology. You not only get new knowledge, but also new partners, new connections and new friends.
At early booking - very pleasant discounts.
Go to the conference website https://goo.gl/4DKpMx and send us an application form. # retail_2018

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