Clients: how to develop relationships with customers, how to manage loyalty -

Clients: how to develop relationships with customers, how to manage loyalty

Clients: how to develop relationships with customers, how to manage loyalty

Business coach Anna Bocharova

Clients: how to develop relationships with customers, how to manage loyalty.
This will tell the entrepreneur and business coach Anna Bocharova in her report at the All-Russian Practical Conference "Sales-2018", which will be held in Moscow on August 22-24.
In the report:
- What is Userexperience (UX), from what components does it and how does it influence the competitiveness of your company and its proposals
- CJM methodology (customerjourneymapping): research of client experience, visualization of data and formation of a plan for correction of business processes. Step-by-step instruction for building the client's travel map
- Typology of corporate customers and points of contact. A map of consumer empathy. Sources of loss of customers in offline and online sales channels
- Effective communication with customers: what are the requirements of a modern corporate client. The choice of the channel and the reception of communication, depending on the type of target consumer. Principles of omnichannel sales
- Customer loyalty in B2B: three options for determining, control points for the manager
About the speaker: Anna Bocharova.
Entrepreneur, business coach, consultant Practical experience in commercial organizations since 2000. Geography of implemented projects in the field of sales development - Russia, Italy, Germany, China, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey. Book writer: "Effective sales department: staff, tactics, strategy", "Retail store. How to start, how to succeed, "" Management for non-beginners: hidden resources of the manager. "Expert on crisis management and business process optimization.
The "Sales" conference takes place annually and gathers owners and general directors, commercial directors and heads of sales departments of companies operating in the B2B sector from all over Russia and CIS countries. Three days. More than 20 reports from leading experts in the field of sales management: Timur Aslanov, Albert Tyutin, Sergei Dubovik, Inga Orlova, Elena Zhdanova, Konstantin Kharsky, Artemiy Shcheglatov, Evgeny Kolotilov and others. Analysis of fresh cases. Applied materials and step-by-step techniques.
And very important part of the conference: networking-session - a special event, the purpose of which is to familiarize all participants with each other on a special technology. You not only get new knowledge, but also new partners, new connections and new friends.
At early booking - very pleasant discounts.
Go to the conference website and send us an application form. # prodazhi2018

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Anna Bocharova

Federal Business Coach, Organizational Development Consultant

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