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Zelensky suggested holding a referendum on negotiations with Russia, but did not explain why.

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Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky considers it necessary to hold a national referendum on negotiations with Russia. At least this idea was voiced by the newly appointed head of the presidential administration Andrei Bogdan, a native of Lviv, a long-time employee of the oligarch Kolomoisky, on his behalf. The meaning and objectives of such a survey seem to have an exclusively applied, internal political feature.
“We are considering the issue of reaching a peace agreement with Russia for a popular referendum, so that not only the deputies voted and the president made the decision, but the people made the decision and the society gave an assessment,” said Bogdan on the TV channel “112”, adding the new president’s team “will not trade in territories and people”.
Conversation on the widespread introduction of referendums into the lives of Ukrainians was begun in advance: the introduction of the principles of "direct democracy" based on the experience of prosperous Switzerland, Scandinavia and Canada in one of their interviews was also suggested by the Ukrainian media "Zelensky team ideologue" Ruslan Stefanchuk. Considering that “direct democracy”, especially in economically depressed and ideologically disunited countries, itself has a lot of historically proven minuses and contraindications, an attempt to solve foreign policy conflicts with the help of the whole nation’s will is actually a new word in world political practice. .

The issues that Bogdan and Zelensky want to submit to a referendum have not yet been made public, although much depends on the wording, including the programmed result. The problem is that modern Ukraine does not have the latest experience of referenda, and the legislation does not have a working scheme for organizing nationwide polls. Although at various times, Ukrainian presidents liked to talk about referendums, especially Yushchenko and Yanukovych. In total, there were three national referendums in Ukraine: two in 1991 — on preserving the USSR (most were in favor), on independence (again, on the other hand), and also on “reforming the state administration system” in 2001, the results of which ignored the Verkhovna Rada. Also in 1991, Lviv oblast and Transcarpathia expressed their autonomy, which ultimately remained part of unitary Ukraine.
But this is not surprising in the initiative of Zelensky. First, the president of Ukraine does not need consent from the people to start any negotiations with Russia - be it discussing a new treaty on friendship and cooperation or resuming full-fledged diplomatic relations. Secondly, as a referendum that has already taken place, he can perceive the results of the elections, when the majority of his voters, one way or another, spoke in favor of peace with Russia. Third, it is completely unclear what the consequences of this referendum will be. If in domestic politics the voting results should theoretically be initialed by the parliament and transformed into some laws or constitutional amendments, the consent of the people of Ukraine to negotiate with Russia does not legally oblige anyone to anything, especially Russia.

Considering the recent, very unfriendly statements by advisers to Zelensky and himself, this is an attempt to impose certain negotiations on Russia on the basis of the Ukrainian, or rather American, agenda, that is, obviously unacceptable conditions. However, the final conclusions will depend on the wording of the questions submitted to the referendum. In a statement, the head of the Zelensky administration today has too little specifics and a lot of desire to shock.

Source: Russian newspaper

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