In China, there was a debate after the "kiss" -

In China, there was a debate after the "kiss"

In China, there was a debate after the "kiss"

At the World Cup again kiss

Users of social networks in China are discussing whether a South Korean reporter who was kissed by female fans during the World Cup is "sexual harassment".
The video shows a 28-year-old reporter MBN (South Korean TV channel), Geron Gwang-röl, who was twice kissed on the cheek by Russian-female fans.
The reporter tried to laugh, but then got embarrassed after the incident, which occurred a few days after other supporters were criticized for attempting to kiss the female reporter live on TV.
The discussion about the incident arose on the largest in China social network Weibo, where Weibo users asked why the actions of some Russian fans are not criticized in the same way as their male counterparts. "This is a very sharp contrast to previous news," - said one user Weibo.
"Why is it not sexual harassment?" - asked another, whose comment has received hundreds of sympathies.
"If it's a good person (a kiss), it's not called sexual harassment," one man sarcastically said.
Other users "called for equality between men and women" and said that the response to this incident shows that inequality still exists.
Some users also had a problem with the media using the term "beauties" when referring to women.
Although the kiss was the subject of debate in China, it did not attract much attention in South Korea.
However, one South Korean Twitter joined the discussion message: "Regardless of your gender, you are sexually harassed. The MBN journalist went to Russia to participate in the World Cup, and he was sexually harassed by two women. "
In the last few months, stories about sexual assault have been widely debated on Weibo, and many people blame the authorities for not taking it seriously.
Last week, a video in which it was stressed that "men and women, young and old" could be sexually abused, became viral and sparked another discussion in social networks.

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