In England, the World Cup is watched even in the theater -

In England, the World Cup is watched even in the theater

In England, the World Cup is watched even in the theater

The actors are furious!

The actors expressed their fury at the two spectators who watched the England Football Championship penalty shootout on their phones in the front row during the musical.
Actor Neil Shihi, who plays in the musical "Titanic" said that women "not only watched the penalty on their phone, but also said" yesss "for every goal scored."
He said: "You are the most ignorant spectators I have ever spoken to before." The match coincided with a performance at the Nottingham Royal Theater on Tuesday 3 July.
The dramatic culmination of the game was that England beat Colombia for the first time in 16 years and reached the quarterfinals.
But some viewers could not help but miss the match on their phones, despite the fact that another drama was unfolding on the stage. One actor, Kieran Brown, wrote on Twitter: "Dazed! Two ladies, one older, another middle-aged." First row: Watch football on the phones during the most acute moment of the musical with lifeboats, applauding and giggling like stupid schoolgirls.
"To say that I'm furious is an understatement! They must leave in disgrace!"
Shikhi added that the cast asked the women to remove their phone, but they just "smiled, showed their thumbs and answered:" We know - We won !! ""
In conclusion, he said: "I think you showed us all that you are the most stupid woman on the planet." Please avoid visiting any future theatrical productions. "Colleague on casting Stephen Webb wrote:" if you came to the theater to watch the play, do not ... I say no ... to sit there in the phone to watch the World Cup !!!
"Stay at home !! It's so disrespectful !! Especially if you are sitting in the front row !!!!"
However, some Twitter users sympathized with women.
And the employees of the theater in turn will hope that the audience will not give in to temptation to watch the next match of England against Sweden on Saturday, which coincides with the morning performance of the Musical.

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