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DNA and the past

The former king of Belgium has passed a DNA test.

DNA and the past

King Albert II, who abdicated the Belgian throne six years ago, still hesitated for DNA after hesitation. The former monarch wants to refute allegations that he became the father of the Dolphins Boel, born during his extramarital affair in the 1960s.
The 84-year-old Albert II, who was king of Belgium from 1993 to 2013, having inherited the throne after the death of his childless elder brother Baudouin I, was forced to agree to this procedure. This happened after a Belgian court ruled that he would be fined 5,000 euros for each day if he refused to take the test. Fines would hit hard on Albert II. He lives exclusively at the expense of the state appropriation in the amount of 961 thousand euros.
The appellate court ruled, rejecting all attempts by Albert II to postpone the delivery of a sample of saliva. On this and insisted 51-year-old Belgian artist Delphine Boel, who claims that the former monarch is her biological father. Rumors about the King’s illegitimate child had been around since the mid-2000s, when Albert II ruled Belgium. However, a new unexpected turn this scandalous story received when the king abdicated the throne. It was on that day, July 21, 2013, when Albert II resigned, citing poor health, that Boel’s mother, Baroness Sibylla de Celis Longchamp, first publicly described her alleged relationship with the king in a television interview with a Belgian television. "I thought I could not have children because I had an infection," she said of the relationship with the king, which she claimed lasted from 1966 to 1984. "We did not take any precautions." “It was a beautiful period. The dolphin was a fruit of love. Albert was very nice to her,” the baroness continued.

Even then, the king was married for seven years to Paolo Ruffo di Calabria. She remains his wife to this day. Albert II himself, in one interview, notes The Guardian, acknowledged that he and his wife experienced a family crisis in the 1970s. But the monarch never said that he was the father of the Dolphins Boel.
The last six years, after a television interview of her mother, fought in the courts, trying to prove that the former monarch was her biological father. If she succeeds in proving paternity, she can take the name of Delphine Van Belgey and, according to Belgian law, get the title of princess. She also has the right to count on one-eighth of Albert II's property, half of which is reserved for his children - the current King of Belgium Philip, as well as the son Laurent and the daughter Astrid, born in the early 1960s.

This loud story was developed in the fall of 2018, when the Brussels Court of Appeal ruled that Jacques Boel, who came from one of the richest families in Belgium, was not the biological father of the Dolphins. This happened after comparing DNA tests. The court commissioned an expert from Erasmus Hospital to conduct a genetic test to compare Boel’s Dolphins DNA with Albert II’s. His lawyers argued that he should not take the sample until the appeal against this decision was considered in a higher court. However, in mid-May this year, the judge stated that this process should not be delayed. The test results will be classified until the Court of Cassation of Belgium makes a final decision on the legality of the initial decision. The whole process of recognizing the king's paternity can take up to a year. A few days ago, one of the royal lawyers explained that the ex-monarch would probably come to terms with the test results, but this situation greatly influenced him. "For six years he was persecuted, constantly returning to this story. And his health is far from good," said the lawyer.

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