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Unexpected history

"My husband hired a killer to kill me, but I forgave him"

Unexpected history

When, one day in August 2012, Nancy Shore went home from the church, she was waiting for a killer with a gun. She survived, but was shocked by the news that the police blamed for her murder.
"We did have a terrific marriage," says Nancy Shore, 57,
"Obviously, we all go through ups and downs, I mean that we were not perfect, we had our problems from time to time, and we always worked on them."
Nancy married Frank Howard in 1983, and they together raised three children in Carrollton, Texas.
"He was very kind, gentle, loving, he was very attentive to our children," she says.
"He coached football teams when they were young children - we went to all their football matches, and some of them were engaged in a musical theater."
The couple sang in a choir in a local church and conducted Bible study sessions for a youth group in their family home. But when their children grew up, Frank began to travel more for work, he worked as an accountant. Nancy began to feel more alone.
"I was a housewife, and it was my job, and as soon as the kids started leaving, it was getting harder for me," says Nancy. "And then my husband began to do more work, and we began spending more time away from each other."
In the evening of August 18, 2012, Frank went on a business trip, as Nancy thought. She visited baptism in her church and after stopping at a cafe to pick up food for the house, she went home.
"I drove into my garage, and suddenly a man appeared grabbing my neck and putting the gun to my head," says Nancy. He demanded her purse.
Nancy managed to escape and turn to face the attacker, who was wearing a black baseball cap. Frightened, she accidentally handed him a bag with a take-away meal.
"He demanded my purse for the third time already with curses," says Nancy, "I was close enough to him to put the purse in his bosom, and when I did, I cried:" Jesus, save me! "He immediately fired in my head, and I fell. "
Nancy lay unconscious on the floor, and the attacker ran away, taking her purse, but left a car that he could easily steal. When she regained consciousness, Nancy could hardly breathe and was in pain.
The bullet passed through the head and got stuck in the right lung. "When I came to, I thought that I was dead, and then God told me:" Get up! " He gave me the physical strength to get up, "says Nancy.
Her mobile phone was in a stolen purse, so she crawled to the car and pressed a button to call the rescue service. When it did not work, Nancy made a huge effort and climbed into the house. Here she first caught her reflection in the mirror.
"I looked at myself, and all I could see was the blood from my eyes to my beautiful purple shirt," says Nancy.
"At that moment, I did not realize that I had lost my left eye."
Trying to breathe, she managed to call an emergency service, shouting "Help, help!" She told them where she was and gave the description of the attacker. "Then she miraculously went to the front door to wait for the ambulance to arrive." The policeman at the scene contacted the children Nancy, who called their father Frank.
"He began to cry and be beside himself, as one of the daughters described," says Nancy.
As soon as Frank could fly home, he visited his wife in the hospital. Nancy said that her daughter described to her how he fell to the floor before he first saw her.
However, when the police started the investigation, they found some shocking data on Frank's mobile phone, including photographs and text messages from another woman. Frank was with her during the attack, and not on a business trip.
The novel lasted three years. When Nancy got better, she spoke on the phone with Frank, he confessed to her about his adultery.
"I just burst into tears," says Nancy. "He actually cried so much that I could hardly understand his story about what happened."
Frank came to visit Nancy's hospital several more times after this call, but there were also more horrifying news. While she was still recovering from the operation and undergoing further rehabilitation, the police told Nancy that they had arrested the man who was involved in the attack on her - John Franklin Howard, husband of Nancy, known to everyone as Frank.
For several years, Frank paid a gang of criminals to kill his wife.
"It was heartbreaking," says Nancy. "I remember how even after the operation, I cried and cried, and my mother came and said:" Stop, you can not cry like that, your eye must heal, "and" you can not let your head hang like this. "Criminals blackmailed Frank, constantly demanding more and more money, and he also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on his mistress, so Frank began to spend money on one of his rich clients, about $ 30 million.
Nancy does not know why Frank wanted to kill her. But she believes that this is because he knew that she would never agree to a divorce.
"I vowed to the Lord that I'm not going to divorce him," says Nancy. "So he got in touch with another woman and started wasting money, because he was trying to show her that he was a rich man." He really had no choice but to shoot me. "
At Frank's trial, the jury took only two hours to find him guilty of attempted murder. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, and he will have to spend 30 years before he is allowed to consider his case for parole. At that time, he will be about 85 years old. Nancy divorced her husband before the trial, but if he was acquitted, she would be ready to rebuild her relationship and marry him again, she says.
Thus, the conviction was for her as a "blow to the stomach."
"It's because I still loved him at that time, and you know, I have to say that I still love him, not with romantic love, but with another love, he's the father of my children, and there will always be love," says Nancy.
Her children were convinced that their father was unjustly convicted.
"He always told them that he was innocent," says Nancy, "that he has nothing to do with this, and he was a wonderful husband and father. So I can fully understand why my children believe this. "After the verdict, she and her children left the courtroom separately." A month passed before they again began to contact.
Despite everything she went through, Nancy was able to forgive her husband.
"I forgave him," says Nancy. "The Bible says that if we do not forgive those who hurt us, then we can not be forgiven, and I could not afford not to forgive him, because I can not live with bitterness . "
Nancy did not see or hear Frank since he was sent to prison. Although she was thinking about visiting him, she is now keeping a distance. But there is one question that haunts her, and that she will ask him if she can.
"What happened?" Asks Nancy. "What made him get off the road and find another woman?"
Nancy's recovery surprised doctors. She went through numerous operations to restore her face and orbit and now has a prosthetic eye. She also works as an assistant lawyer in a law firm.
"I still have a bullet in my lung, but because of the bullet my right arm does not work, so I can only type," says Nancy.
She says she celebrates every birthday from the moment of the accident and still feels the joy of singing in the church choir. Nearly six years after the terrible attack, she goes on.
"I thank God every time for saving my life and healing, it's amazing," she says. "I am so happy."

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