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Outrageous gifts

Trump's couple gifts outraged some politicians in London.

Outrageous gifts

The Trump couple presents, made on behalf of outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May, angered some politicians in London. Some considered them too pompous, others saw gender inequality in them.
The President of the United States received a unique historical document compiled by his idol Winston Churchill, and his wife was presented with a tea set.
So, Trump will return to Washington, having on hand a draft of the Atlantic Charter, agreed by US President Franklin Roosevelt and Sir Winston Churchill in 1941. Moreover, it contains notes made by Churchill with the help of a red pencil.

The head of the White House is a great fan of Churchill and even transferred the bust of the British prime minister to the Oval Office from his office, moving to the residence of American presidents. The goals that Churchill and Roosevelt set forth in this charter as early as August 12, 1941, already in the post-war world became one of the first steps towards the creation of the United Nations.

Churchill kept the draft in a frame on the wall in his office as a sign of special memory. Therefore, some politicians believed that this historical rarity is a “great service” to Trump.
Meanwhile, Melania Trump's gift was a bespoke tea set created by British designer Emma Bridgewater. A spokesman for Prime Minister Theresa May said that both gifts were carefully selected to suit the tastes of overseas guests.

But it was the service that unexpectedly raised questions from some British politicians.

Don Butler, the shadow Labor minister, reproached May with sexism, stating that she was guided by the old principles of "gifts for boys and for girls."

“Melania, being the first lady, is in itself a successful and independent entrepreneur. She deserves a more meaningful and thoughtful gift, especially given her Yugoslav origin, which is historical and noteworthy,” explained Butler, sarcastic. “Besides, Melania married to one of the most controversial and unpleasant people in modern history. Therefore, at least, she will need something stronger than tea. "
In turn, the deputy head of the British Liberal Democrats, Joe Swinson, considered that the first lady received a gift, which is usually given to schoolgirls on her birthday.

And the representative of the Party of Women's Equality Harini Iyengar said: “Like the state visit itself, these gifts are inappropriate. To give Melania Trump, a business woman who can speak four languages, the tea service is lazy sexism. if Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election. "

The official gift from Queen Donald Trump was the first edition of Churchill's book The Second World War of 1959.
During his visit to Downing Street on Tuesday, the head of the White House will be shown the Sussex Declaration, which is a rare copy of the American Declaration of Independence, compiled on sheepskin parchment in the 1780s.

In addition, along with Teresa May, he will descend into the bunker, where Churchill worked during the Second World War.

During a tour of the art gallery of Buckingham Palace, which the queen personally conducted for him, Trump could not recognize the work of art that he himself had presented to Elizabeth II a year ago.
When he was shown the image of a thoroughbred horse in polished pewter, the American leader did not remember that he had handed this gift to the queen when pilch with her at Windsor Castle in July last year. The director of the Royal Collection, Tim Knox, said that when the head of the White House was asked if he found out his gift, he said no, but "the first lady recognized him, which was quite nice."
Source: Russian newspaper

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