GEFCO and BERGÉ create a joint venture in Spain -

GEFCO and BERGÉ create a joint venture in Spain

GEFCO and BERGÉ create a joint venture in Spain

Customers will be offered a full range of logistics services for finished cars

The new company has more than 3 million m2 for car storage, 700 auto transporters, 100 railway wagons and 40,000 m2 of maintenance space. The potential processing capacity is 1.4 million vehicles per year.
The GEFCO Group is a global provider of supply chain services for industrial enterprises and a European leader in automotive logistics - and BERGE, the leading multimodal logistics operator in Spain, announced the creation of a joint venture in the field of logistics for finished vehicles. Partners own the company in equal shares. The new company BERGÉ GEFCO is created on the basis of the "Logistics of finished cars" divisions of representative offices of both companies in Spain - GEFCO Spain and BERGE Automotive Logistics (BAL). The transaction is subject to approval by the European Commission.
Synergy for further growth
The market of finished cars in Spain is one of the largest in the world: annual production is more than 3 million cars, of which 2.4 million are exported and 1.2 million are sold. The goal of the new company BERGÉ GEFCO is to build a closer relationship with customers, improving key processes, optimizing resources and increasing efficiency. Customers will be offered a full range of logistics services for finished vehicles, including transportation, storage, maintenance, inspection and delivery. Combining the resources of both partner companies will allow to provide complex door-to-door logistics services, including solution development and logistics engineering from the customer's production site to the end users. Using the experience and expertise of parent companies, BERGÉ GEFCO has every chance to become a new leader in the logistics market for finished cars and create additional value for its customers, partners and employees. The target market for the company will be Spain, which will help both partners develop an international network in other markets.
New transport and warehouse solutions
BERGÉ GEFCO will offer the market opportunities for transportation and storage. To clients' service is more than 3.4 million m2 for car storage, the possibility of handling more than 1.4 million cars annually, thanks to a fleet of 700 auto carriers and 100 rail cars. In 10 logistics centers throughout the country, the company can provide a wide range of additional services: repair, painting, washing, delivery, preparation for sale, quality control. The total area of ​​service stations is 40 thousand m2.
"We are pleased to announce the establishment of a joint venture with BERGÉ. This partnership gives us the opportunity to expand the range of services and brings benefits both to our customers and to our partners and employees, "said Luc Nadal, Chairman of the GEFCO Group Board." The new company has good market positions to predict the future needs of the automotive sector. Together with BERGÉ, we plan to pool resources to develop innovative solutions. "
For his part, the President of the BERGÉ Group Jaime Gorbenya commented: "The partnership of BERGÉ with the GEFCO Group, the global leader in industrial logistics, will definitely strengthen our position in the Spanish automotive logistics market. We are confident that the pooling of knowledge and experience in this area will improve our service offer and will contribute to the development of business. "
Operational Synergy
BERGÉ GEFCO will offer an extended portfolio of services to existing customers of both partner companies, which will reduce the risks associated with seasonality and receive additional benefits. In addition, the new company will acquire a strong synergetic effect in the field of operational activities by combining resources and capacities and strengthening positions both on local and international routes. The new company has good market positions to predict the future needs of the automotive sector and support customers with increasing sales volumes.
· 650 employees · Central office: Ciempozuelos (Madrid, Spain) · 3.4 million m2 of warehouse space · Capacity for processing 1.4 million vehicles · 700 truck-trucks · 100 railway wagons · Area of ​​maintenance stations - 40,000 m2 · 10 logistics centers : Ciempozuelos, Pinto and Villaverde (Madrid), Barcelona and Tarragona (Catalonia), Sagunt (Valencia), Vigo and Porrigno (Pontevedra), Santander and Zaragoza. · Presence in 26 seaports of Spain

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