Detained Pepper and RED BULL -

Detained Pepper and RED BULL

Detained Pepper and RED BULL

Baltic Customs detained more than 122 thousand counterfeit goods. Pepper and RED BULL

In total in 2018, the Baltic Customs identified 690 thousand counterfeit goods. Potential damage to copyright holders is prevented for more than 1 billion rubles
The customs authorities today are a fairly powerful mechanism to counteract the importation of counterfeit goods into the customs territory of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).
According to customs statistics, in the first place in terms of the number of counterfeits of signs of well-known companies are clothes, shoes, confectionery and food. The list can continue surrogate alcohol and tobacco products, as well as fake perfumes and cosmetics, CDs, leather goods, watches, various accessories, household appliances. Fraud of medicines is observed less often.
Unfortunately, not every consumer is able to distinguish counterfeit goods from the original products of well-known brands. The most common signs of forgery are: lack of packaging, lack of information on the packaging in Russian, lack of information about the manufacturer and rightholder, poor quality of packaging, poor quality of goods and materials used.
In addition, the original product, as a rule, is sold in branded stores, or through large retail chains. The Baltic Customs continues work to prevent the import of counterfeit goods.
In June 2018, two consignments of carbonated soft drinks in tin cans were delivered to the Baltic Customs for the domestic consumption, in the amount of 55,686 pieces, to two companies registered in St. Petersburg. During the customs inspection of these parties it was established that the declared goods bear the trademark "Dr. Pepper. "
Trademark «Dr. Pepper »is registered with the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks. Documents confirming the right to use the trademark "Dr. Pepper "the customs declarant did not provide the goods, in connection with which the rightholder of the trademark was sent a request, and a customs examination was also appointed.
In response to the request of the customs, the owner of the trademark "Dr. Pepper "applied with a statement that these goods are counterfeit. A similar case occurred in May - a declaration was submitted to the Baltic Customs for a consignment of soft drinks from Vietnam delivered in tin cans marked with a trademark, similar to the degree of confusion with the trademark "RED BULL", in the amount of 67,200 pieces, to the address of the company registered in St. Petersburg.
The Baltic Customs also made a request to the right holder, from the answer of which it follows that this shipment is counterfeit. Based on the results of the verification activities carried out in relation to the three St. Petersburg firms violating an administrative case under part 1 of Article 14.10 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation (illegal use of another's trademark).
Potential damage to copyright holders "Dr. Pepper "and" RED BULL "for more than 11.5 million rubles. The Baltic Customs reminds: for illegal use of a trademark, legislation provides for administrative liability in the form of imposing a fine and confiscating counterfeit goods that are subject to destruction.
Reference: Since the beginning of 2018, Baltic Customs initiated 13 cases under part 1. Part 2 of article 14.10 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation (illegal use of another's trademark, and production for sale or sale of a product containing illegal reproduction of another's trademark). A total of 690,966 pieces of counterfeit products were identified during this period. In general, counterfeit goods such as toys, clothing, flyers, soft drinks (BMW, Mercedes, Hello Kitty, Dr. Pepper and RED BULL) were identified. Potential damage to copyright holders is prevented, amounting to more than 1 billion rubles.
The helpline of the Baltic Customs - (812) 640 37 02.

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