Guaido is not the same -

Guaido is not the same

Venezuelans began to be disappointed massively in an impostor president.

Guaido is not the same

Sooner or later it had to happen. Disturbing calls for Venezuelan President Juan Guaydo, who declared himself back in January, are beginning to sound more distinct. And if earlier in the West they simply did not believe that the support of their protege among the inhabitants of the Bolivarian Republic was steadily declining, now it’s already pointless to deny the obvious.
Proof of this are all kinds of public opinion polls, regularly conducted in Venezuela. For example, in February 2019, 49% of Venezuelans were recognized as president by Guaydo, while in June this figure was only 36%. The reasons for what was happening tried to figure out the news agency journalists, not seen in sympathy for the legitimate authorities of Venezuela. The article titled "Venezuelans, disappointed with Guaydo, are beginning to lose patience" gives comments to ordinary citizens in the most acute socio-economic crisis in Venezuela. Their essence boils down to one thing - empty promises and beautiful speeches to everyone have long been bored, and nobody already believes in the ability of the opposition leader, Guaydo, to create real, not media, competition to President Maduro.
The thing is that the head of the opposition parliament over the past six months has repeatedly overestimated his strength. One of the most striking examples is the “military rebellion” declared by him on April 30. Then, Guaydo appeared near the Venezuelan Air Force headquarters in the center of Caracas, surrounded by a small group of military, urging the army to follow their example and go to the side of the opposition. But the miracle that the impostor president was counting on did not happen - the military remained loyal to the oath, and the instigators of the rebellion were quickly arrested.

Perhaps, after this, once again the failed coup d'etat in Venezuela was finally understood: Guaydo did not have the forces needed to remove the legitimate authorities. It seems that the excessive arrogance of a young Venezuelan opposition figure was also recognized in Washington. As well as the fallacy of all policies implemented by the White House in the Venezuelan sector. In the leading US media outlets, messages have regularly appeared lately with reference to high-ranking government sources, according to which President Donald Trump first expressed dissatisfaction with the recommendations he received from his advisers on how to deal with Venezuela, and then completely lost full interest. to events in this country. Surprisingly, after all, it is Washington that is more responsible for the existing dual power - the political crisis in the republic began only after having declared its claims to the presidency of Guaydo recognized on Capitol Hill. Then the calculation was on a quick change of power in Venezuela. Representatives of the Venezuelan opposition urged Trump and his entourage that they have many supporters in the government of the Bolivarian Republic and will be able to easily overthrow Maduro. Thus, Trump believed that "he could win an easy victory in Caracas and then advertise it as a major achievement of his foreign policy." But half a year has passed, and the situation in Venezuela has not changed at all. In his speeches, the head of the White House practically ceased to touch the Venezuelan issue, especially since there is absolutely nothing to boast about. It is indicative that at the G20 summit that ended in Osaka, the topic of Venezuela, if sounded, was casual and far from being the main topic.
The weakness of Guaydo and the disappointment of Western curators in it were also felt by supporters of the legitimate president, Nicolas Maduro. Bolivarian authorities launched a planned offensive against anti-government forces. In the wake of the coup of parliamentary immunity that failed on April 30, a number of prominent opposition MPs were deprived. Some of them hid in the embassies of friendly countries, someone chose to leave Venezuela.
At the same time, street anti-government activism came to naught - people stopped going to opposition rallies. Surprisingly, Guaydo did not even convene demonstrations on the occasion of a new attempt at a coup d'état. Then the Bolivarian authorities were able to uncover in advance the conspiracy of a small group of soldiers who were immediately arrested. The oppositionist decided to hold the march only now, when it became known about the death of one of the prisoners - captain Raphael Arevalo. On July 5, a demonstration was ordered demanding "to stop the violation of prisoners' rights." However, the reaction in Venezuelan social networks is already becoming clear that the procession is unlikely to become widespread.

It seems that Guaydo has no choice but to continue to exploit the theses about the “quick change of power” that has bored for half a year already and give out to the Venezuelans unfulfilled promises in advance, implicitly hoping for decisive help from abroad. If you’re satisfied with the futility of trying your protege to remove Maduro, Washington is unlikely to agree to go into the same river two times in a row. And this means that the sluggish internal political struggle in Venezuela will continue, and its main issue will not be the survival of the current authorities, but their ability to stabilize the socio-economic situation in the country.

Source: Russian newspaper

03.07.2019 06:10:35
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