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Speaker Sergei Dubovik

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Speaker Sergei Dubovik

The conference "Management of the store - 2018" will be held on August 22-23-24, 2018 in Moscow

Technology for holding negotiations with complex suppliers and monopolists This will be told by the business coach Sergei Dubovik in his report at the All-Russian Practical Conference "Managing the Store-2018", which will be held in Moscow on August 22-24.

In the report:
- Technique of negotiating with "difficult" suppliers, if your volume of purchases for the supplier is not interesting. - 62 factors that may be important to the supplier in you, except for a large volume of purchases. - Examples, why some companies with small orders achieve better conditions than others - larger and eminent. - What methods to apply, if the supplier no longer "moves" at a price and a delay? - 20 arguments for negotiating a discount with the supplier, except for the banal: "You are expensive."
Interactive one and a half hour master-class:
- concentrated theoretical material; - modeling of working situations; - direct feedback from participants - answers to questions and consideration of concrete examples from their practice.

On the speaker: Sergei Dubovik. Business trainer of the practice. Director of the training center "More". Author of the book "Active sales. Theory and practice ". The author of the concept" Trainings with a lasting effect ". Leading MBA programs in the field of operational and strategic management.
The "Shop Management" conference takes place annually and gathers owners and directors of small and medium-sized stores and retail chains from all over Russia and CIS countries. Three days. More than 20 reports from the leading experts in the field of retail sales management: Timur Aslanov, Albert Tyutin, Sergei Leonov, Elena Zhdanova, Inga Orlova, Anna Bocharova, Ekaterina Kazarinova, GulfiraCrok, Arthur Salyakaev, etc. Analysis of fresh cases. Applied materials and step-by-step techniques.
And very important part of the conference: networking-session - a special event, the purpose of which is to familiarize all participants with each other on a special technology. You not only get new knowledge, but also new partners, new connections and new friends.
At early booking - very pleasant discounts.
Go to the conference website https://goo.gl/4DKpMx and send us an application form. # retail_2018

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