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"Global Trade Barometer" DHL

"Global Trade Barometer" DHL

Indicators of the "Global Trade Barometer" DHL continue to grow

· Despite tensions in global trade, growth is expected to accelerate in the third quarter of 2018 · Growth continues to be linked mainly to the air transportation segment · South Korea is showing rapid development, while trade in the UK is slowing down
The "Global Trade Barometer" DHL (Global Trade Barometer, GTB) predicts the acceleration of world trade growth over the next three months. Compared to March 2018, the overall value of the GTB index increased by one point and is 67 points. According to GTB methodology, the index value, exceeding 50 points, corresponds to an optimistic forecast of growth in trade. The increase in the index is noteworthy because the current surge in international trade disputes does not affect the data on which DHL's Global Trade Barometer is based. The increase in the global value of the index is mainly due to growth in the area of ​​sea container transportation, which currently stands at 64 points (for comparison in March - 63 points). The indicator of global trade in the segment of air transportation still remains at the level of 70 points.
"Global Trade Barometer" DHL - Dynamics of the world index from 2013 to the present 50 = no change

Geographically, global growth is mainly related to the optimistic forecast of the development of China and South Korea. The forecast of development of trade of the USA also has a little improved. The positive impact of these three countries was partially offset by a worsening of the forecast for India, Japan and the United Kingdom. India, despite a significant decline of 5 points, still has the highest forecast of global trade development (79 points). In Britain, on the contrary, the least favorable forecast: its index has decreased by 4 points since March and is 57 points. Germany still occupies the middle position: significant growth in the segment of air transportation by 3 points was offset by a decrease of 1 point in the ocean freight segment. Thus, the overall forecast for Germany remains unchanged - at 64 points, which looks quite optimistic.
As for individual industries, the forecast for the segment for the production of parts and components shows a significant improvement, followed by "consumer goods" and "high technologies". Moreover, the outlook remains favorable for all industries included in the DHL Global Trade Barometer, with the exception of the raw materials and base materials sector, according to which GTB forecasts a significant drop in world trade volumes.
The "global trade barometer" DHL was first introduced in January 2018. This is a new indicator of the current state of world trade and its development in the future. The barometer is based on a large number of logistic data, which are processed using artificial intelligence. The indicator was jointly developed by the leading logistics company in the world of DHL and one of the world leaders in IT-consulting Accenture. The "global trade barometer" DHL is published four times a year. The date of the next issue is September 26, 2018.
For more information about the DHL Global Trade Barometer, please visit: dpdhl.com/gtb

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