LEGO is not LEGO -

LEGO is not LEGO

LEGO is not LEGO

The counterfeit was masked under LEGO

Krasnodar customs officers revealed a large batch of counterfeit designers for children, suspiciously similar to the products of the world famous brand.
Officials of the Krasnodar customs identified about 10 thousand counterfeit children's plastic designers. During the customs inspection of two different shipments of goods from China, Krasnodar customs officers noticed that the packaging of designers is so reminiscent of the design of Lego packaging (the same color solutions and the location of the manufacturer's name, the image of Lego's well-known heroes), which can mislead the consumer.
The customs sent inquiries to the representative of the owner of these trademarks on the territory of the Russian Federation, Hogan Lovells (C-AI), about the legality of the import of these products to the territory of the Russian Federation. Representatives of the rightholder confirmed that these goods are counterfeit. The total damage to the right holder could amount to more than 7.7 million rubles.
On the fact of illegal use of trademarks, cases on an administrative offense under Part 1 of Art. 14.10 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation. The goods are seized. An investigation is under way. The decisive point in this matter will put the court.

16.07.2018 09:51:52
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21.08.2018 21:24:15

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