France became World Champions 2018 -

France became World Champions 2018

France became World Champions 2018

Classic Final World Cup 2018

It was the final, in which there were all - controversial decisions, the invasion of the field, and even the comedic error of the goalkeeper.
France beat Croatia 4-2 to become the world champions for the second time. It was a truly remarkable event. This was the highest number of goals in the finals since 1958, when Brazil defeated Sweden 5-2.
Former England defender Rio Ferdinand said on BBC One: "Sometimes these games can end with boring chess matches, but it was not at all. Croatia deserves praise for the way they attacked France."
Former England captain Alan Shearer said: "No matter how lucky they are to be a leader in the break, France has completely changed in the second period." They found a way to engage Antoine Grizman and Kirian Mbapp in the game, and they pulled themselves up from behind.
"Congratulations, they were great."
There were 169 goals in the tournament - there were not enough two goals to a record 171 set four years ago in Brazil and in France 98. This is the first World Championship on the use of a Video Assistant Judge (VAR). It was used in the finals to award France a fine.
When Samuel Umtiti threw a corner in the direction of Ivan Perisic, the judge did nothing. But, after a lengthy discussion with the video assistant judge, he went to watch him on the screen and awarded a penalty.
Although many were angry with VAR, it should be noted that it was Judge Nestor Pitana's decision to award a penalty, after viewing the incident several times. Antoine Grismann scored.
BBC One experts all thought that it was the wrong decision, although former England striker Chris Waddle did not agree.
Shearer said during the break that it was a "ridiculous decision".
"It will be such a shame if this game is solved on this decision," he said. "This happened unintentionally, and it should not be a fine, the judge did not give it initially, but now he is sure he made a mistake after going to the VAR? I do not agree with this."
Ferdinand said: "Two bad decisions turned the game upside down." Ivan Perisic was too close to react, he was not going to deliberately handle the ball.
"The judge could not decide for such a long time." He could not! "It's almost funny, he can not be completely sure."
The former German striker Jurgen Klinsmann said: "When you are not sure, you should not do this." This is a wrong decision. "
Grizmann's goal was the 22nd penalty shot, scored at this World Cup - it's a record. This was the 29th spot-kick - the highest since the first record of statistics in 1966.

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