Summit "Trump-Putin" -

Summit "Trump-Putin"

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Summit "Trump-Putin"

The US seeks to improve relations with Russia

US President Donald Trump said that the continuation of relations with Russia is "good, not bad" at the beginning of its first summit with Vladimir Putin.
Mr Trump said he looks forward to an "extraordinary relationship", as both presidents met in Helsinki, Finland.
Earlier, Trump blamed US-Russian tensions over the previous administration.
Relations were severely strained as a result of the annexation of Moscow in the Crimea in 2014 and statements that Russia helped Mr. Trump win the elections in 2016.
Some American politicians called for the cancellation of the summit after Friday, 12 Russian military intelligence agents who were accused of hacking the campaign of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton were arrested. But, writing on Twitter, Mr. Trump blamed the deterioration of relations with Russia on "the years of American stupidity and stupidity, and now, and on a falsified witch hunt."
In response, the Russian Foreign Ministry wrote on Twitter: "We agree." Mr. Trump's twitter is likely to alarm the White House advisers who are already nervous because of the risk of giving too much attention to the Russian leader during the talks.
The summit, in which only their interpreters join the two leaders, takes place after a turbulent European tour, during which Mr Trump sharply criticized the long-time US allies for trade and military spending.
What are the main sources of tension with Russia?
Russia is criticized in the US for its military support of President Bashar Assad in Syria, as well as for its destabilizing actions in Ukraine.
Relations also suffered from accusations of Russia's interference in the elections in 2016 in the US, and also in collusion with the Trump campaign. The charges are investigated by Special Attorney Robert Mueller.
Mr Trump consistently condemned the investigation as a "witch hunt". 12 Russians, accused on Friday, were targeted in the investigation of Mr. Müller.
The best democrats, including the chairman of the Tom Peres party, called on Trump to cancel the talks, saying that Putin was "not a friend of the United States."
From the Republican side, Senator John McCain said that the summit "should not pass" if the president "is not ready to bring Putin to justice."
Russia refuted accusations of hacking and said that it looked forward to talks as a means of improving relations.
What is being discussed at the summit?
US National Security Adviser John Bolton said that both sides agreed that the meeting would not have an established agenda. But he said that he was "hard to believe" that Vladimir Putin did not expect that the alleged break-in of the elections would be raised.
"This is one of the goals of this meeting, so that the president could meet with President Putin and ask him about it," he told ABC News. Mr Trump was also called upon to raise the issue of poisoning two people in the UK who came into contact with the nerve agent Novichok on June 30. Investigators believe that the incident is connected with the poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter in March.
Mr Trump detailed on what will be discussed at the summit during a joint press conference with British Prime Minister Theresa May last week.
"We will talk about Syria," he said. "We will talk about other parts of the Middle East." I will talk about nuclear proliferation. "
Why Helsinki?
This is not the first meeting of the leaders of Russia and the United States in Helsinki.
Finland remained politically and militarily neutral after the Second World War, as the United States and the Soviet Union plunged into the cold war, making it an attractive meeting place for the two superpowers. The city was the background for the signing of the 1975 Helsinki Accords, which are awarded for the improvement of relations between the Soviet Union and Western countries.
Helsinki remained the destination in post-Soviet time, and the Trump-Putin summit is the fourth such meeting in the city.
What did Mr. Trump do in Europe so far?
His tour included a NATO summit in Belgium and a visit to the UK. Neither did not pass without arguments. After the NATO summit, Mr Trump said that the Allies committed to "substantially" increase their defense budgets, but other leaders question this claim.
A visit to the UK also had its ups and downs after Mr. Trump told the newspaper that the United States was probably not going to give the UK a bargain in accordance with the conditions of Mrs. May 's Brexit plans, and then seemed to back away from this position .
He also said that Europe is "losing its character" because of immigration from Africa and the Middle East. On Sunday, shortly before his departure to Helsinki, Trump called the European Union the enemy of trade. He told CBS News that European countries are taking advantage of the US and do not pay their NATO bills.

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