FM Logistic will offer customers with omnidirectional sales system an expanded range of services -

FM Logistic will offer customers with omnidirectional sales system an expanded range of services

FM Logistic will offer customers with omnidirectional sales system an expanded range of services

The new service will eliminate the need to manage the pool of contractors and will support the logistics of online stores

FM Logistic will develop and implement a comprehensive service to support online stores in the Russian market, after which the experience will be used in all countries of the company's presence. Today, a working group, created from specialists of different departments of FM Logistic, launches a full cycle of customer service with an omnibus sales system. First of all, this is a fullfilment (operations for warehouse processing of orders), as well as the organization of delivery, receipt of payment for delivered goods and management of financial flows, organization of a contact center for the recipients of the online store. Already, three projects are being prepared for launch: until the end of 2018 the company plans to launch the full range of services in full. Creation and promotion of the site, marketing support and content management will be implemented by a partner integrated into the project. Now FM Logistic successfully provides services for warehouse processing of Internet orders of varying complexity and volumes - about 4,000 orders a day, and this figure doubles during marketing campaigns. More than 70% of prepared orders are for cosmetics and food products, a significant proportion of goods are daily demand, construction and decoration materials, as well as electronics. FM Logistic pays special attention to order picking technologies that ensure speed and accuracy of assembling. Among the modern technologies used in FM Logistic, one can distinguish between put-to-light, pick-to-light and one-time completion of up to 24 orders using real-time weight control. In October 2018 and February 2019, in several stages a project will be launched to mechanize the process of preparing Internet orders: assembly, packaging and preparation for shipment. The necessary tests were carried out, new equipment is being purchased: order assembling systems, conveyor sorting system, packing tables. At the first stage, new processes will be launched to assemble and pack orders, then we will start the automatic weighing of boxes with goods and their sorting. Automation of warehouse processes will lead to increased productivity and quality of order processing, which will ensure their growth. "The initiative will make FM Logistic one of the key players in the market of online store maintenance services. The share of distance trade in Russia is growing at least 20% per year. Current customers are asking to expand the range of services for servicing their online stores, and new customers are asking for a full range of services in e-commerce. This is one of the strategic directions of FM Logistic, which has a serious potential for development, "says Christophe Menivar, CEO of FM Logistic in Central and Eastern Europe.

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FM Logistic

FM Logistic is a French family business that came to Russia in 1994.

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