Attack with acid on a three-year-old boy -

Attack with acid on a three-year-old boy

Attack with acid on a three-year-old boy

Three men were arrested after a three-year-old child was seriously injured

The boy was in a wheelchair when he was "intentionally attacked" at Worcester at 14.15 Moscow time on Saturday.
West Murcia police said men aged 22, 25 and 26 were arrested in London on suspicion of conspiracy to commit serious bodily harm.
The doctors discharged the boy from the hospital on Sunday afternoon.
He has serious burns to his hands and face.
It is reported that the motive of the attack is still "unclear". The three arrested were detained at the address in Walthamstow, the Metropolitan Police said.
A 39-year-old man from Wolverhampton, who was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of conspiring to inflict serious bodily harm, remains in police custody.
"Acid or corrosive substance" was either "thrown or sprayed" to the boy when he was with his family in the Shrub Hill shopping park in Tallow Hill, police said. It is reported that the family receives special medical and police support.
"We hope that the injuries will not change the boy's life, they are serious, and at the moment it's too early to say, but everything looks positive.
The West Midwest Emergency Service confirmed that she was called to the scene, and contacted the emergency response team to get expert advice.
The boy was treated in the store before being taken to the hospital.
Robin Walker, a member of the Parliament of Worcester, described the attack as "terrible."
"We are shocked: anyone who conducts such an attack on a young child is simply terrible," he said.

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